#Travel To Kadayawan Festival 2018 in Davao City Philippines

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My dear friends,

Do you wanna know my hometown?

My hometown is in Davao - Mindanao, the Southern part of the Philippines.

About an hour flight from Manila and Cebu to Davao City.

Biggest festival called Kadayawan is celebrated here in the City.

Next month, from August 10 to 19, 2018 will once again comes a long week to one of the most celebrated festival in Davao City.

Every year in the second week of August, kadayawan festival were normally held with few groups of performing dancers from different schools and community.

Mostly, around Davao region join together and give thier best street dance performances. Colourful street dancing happens right on the street of San Pedro and right infront of Marco Polo

Almost every year, I visit my hometown as I love to see this live performances.

For me, kadayawan festival is better to see than the sinulog in Cebu Philippines.

Somehow you can compare Kadayawan with Ati Atihan in Cebu Philippines.

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Well, I have been talking with you about kadayawan and not explaining what Kadayawan means?

The word Kadayawan is actually come from the word "Dayaw" meaning WELCOME.

For many Davaneo, it is the time to give thanks and that is one of the reason why there are large floats cars, motorbikes and trucks and beautiful costumes decorated with fruits and vegetables on parade during Kadayawan.

Here is the Video last year


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See you in davao city soon!

❤Love always,

Elvie Lins

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Mostly, around Davao region join together and give thier best street dance performances.
It should be their instead of thier.