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Is Social Media Use Leading To Depression?

in life •  5 months ago 

I was instgram user 2 years ago. But I will say something tragedic now. While I was seeing my friends pictures or people I followed, I felt a depression.. The reason was wow they go to there they do that. They have so and so follwers why I dont have.. I was like they are so happy and active and popular why I am not.. Than it took my 2 years to start using Instagram again. I said no matter what people do or go or how many followers they have, this is me. Why I compare myself with others. Now I don't care this. But yeah social media has a big effect on people.

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I'm glad you have a new outlook on life. We've all been there and felt that seeing strangers only enjoying their lives. But accepting that we live different lives with our own challenges and successes can be difficult sometimes.