In my feelings

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I woke up good today, but as the days goes by I felt disappointed, I have been on this bitcoin mining site for a month now with lots of hope on it, what do you expect from a extreme broke poor being like me, I finally got to the minimum payout I was happy that finally I made it but I was disappointed receiving a response at withdrawal point asking me to upgrade for an external wallet address with almost 90% token of what has been mined, I was immediately exhausted, rejected, depressed, disappointed, all hopes i have carried for months immediately vanished. I thought to myself whats left, if this could be real where do I get tokens to invest with where do I get money to invest into bitcoin, I started thinking things that can't be done till the moment I didn't notice I was already speaking out to people around me. I was touched but not felt, I was speaking to but not hearing because I was carried away in my deep thought, all my thinking was to come back to steemit and make my voice heard so I could make life for myself with this platform. Steemit has been my only hope that can sustain me.
I don't know any pool or faucet where I can mine bitcoin for real but I know someone will come to my aid and make some tokens as donations or token to me.
In my feelings I just wanna be free and pay my bills


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