Can't post your Etsy products on Instagram Shopping?, use Etsy to Facebook catalog feed.

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Publish your Etsy Products on Facebook Catalog and use later as Instagram Shopping tag

Today i'll be started a new Feed service only available for my Patron's .


Instagram Shopping add value to sell your Etsy products, this is a complex task for most users, i've created the feed it to simplify and automatize the proccess.

If you want to sell your Etsy products on your Instagram this is for you.

Go to my Patreon Profile and pledge to get your feed access and simple tutorials to start selling your Etsy products on Instagram.

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Hello friends. Our pillow sales started. You can reach my store from the link below and you can shop. It was produced before the 1980s. The carpets were cut and turned into a pillow.

Best regards.
Rug Pillow
Rug Pillows