Stop Loss!?

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In life, you have to formulate a strategy that works for you irrespective of whether you are failing or winning.images 1.jpeg That strategy must be customized to you alone as your "lifehack tool" and then you should use it at your own discretion as advised by you.


Stop Loss is for trading.

Stop loss is a tool used to limit loss or gain in a trade.
The concept is from the trading floor where traders cab use it for short-term and long-term trading.

It is usually put in place to enable a trader determine how much loss he is willing to accommodate in a trade.

Stop Loss and you.

Living is some firm of trading. The individual uses what he has and knows to navigate the day and at certain times, is known to lost out or win.

Tackling life based on your ability to not make mistakes is not living at all because, no one lives their life without mistakes.

With a stop loss approach, an individual can accept to take the loss that comes in the discharge of their duty.
We bargain in every aspect of our lives. It could be in business, work, school and whatever venture; we bargain, buy and sell.

Learning to initiate a stop loss tool in your life is the best thing you can do.
You must learn to know when to stop flogging a dead horse.

Making the best of life.

You must learn how to push the stop loss button because, it will allow you manage your emotional attachment to a thing by making a decision when to walk away ahead of time.

When you are done with your best you need to allow the process happen and though it may not look like it, it surely has some good it can make happen for you.

Stop loss is hard to watch happen but it does get better at the end because, it will have provided you another chance to try after the slave of loss that tried to sweep you off your feet.

Life is a marker place, school and play ground for fun. If you cannot adjust your style of getting by to accommodate each and every one of these steps, you may always find yourself on the losing side.

Make the world a better place for someone today!