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The air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the places we go to, the people we meet, the activities we engage and do not engage in, the laughter we have, the joy we share, the sex we have and that thing we just love to do is all shades of risky, but we go on to do it anyways.


I have yet to see a risk free man achieve his maximum. There is always that one thing lacking for he who takes no risk and more for that man that takes risks.
Risking it all is more than anyone would ever request for in life and the minute we keep in that light, we become well aware that we are heading towards a win.

I am a definition of why I shouldn't take risks of any kind, but I live trending the risks as they come and whenever i see no risk around me, I fear I am doing something wrong and that worries me. We are presently living through a world where the important aspects of life is lived on the verge of grave risk.

I Feel Blessed!

We are all supposed to take risks and by reason of being alive and existing on planet earth, we are supposed to be risks takers. Seeing anyone who lives on the easy streets of life means they are not yet living life because it is more costlier to not take that risk.

Let me recommend a book for you to read.

"Take that Risk" is a book by Ben Carlson. You should read that book.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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You miss 99% of the shots you didn't take.
Here is to all the risk takers 🥂

You miss 99% of the shots you didn't take.

That's powerful!!! It got me thinking....

U gotta risk it for tge biscuit

The man who takes no risk has not really lived, life is too risky not to take risk.

Every risk is always worth it, the difference is how we percieve it. Yes, we are truly blessed to be in a generation where even typing these words are risk.

I fear the unknown, but i would be a fool to let such fear deprive me of the step forward in my life.

Today i met a young lady, who studied political science but is practicing land scaping, and when i asked her why? She said "i love nature" i was perplexed on my finding she probably know so little but she took tgat risk of engaging on what she loves. Here is me, i know virtually all, infact i studied Geography and have practiced it, but so unwilling to tzke that risk of pushing a firm forward. I was glad cox she awakened the risk taking in me.

I have become too complesant, some of us are. We need to shun our comfort zone.

Like you felt, we need to start suspecting ourselves and activities when we start feeling too comfortable.

Like Brian Tracy would say in hos book "change your thinking, change your life" we need to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

To be risk takers in life we must stay techable. We must always work hard to listen to the right message no matter the source.

I totally agree with you, to win, we must risk, lets keep rixking and keep wining.

Thanks for tgis motivation @ejamai, and the last one @abuja-steem meet up. I somuch appreciate.

Yours truly loved


Well said,thinks for the motivation @ejemai,👍👍👍

Without risk there is not reward. Thanks for this psot.

There is always risks to be taken but some think they are playing safe by not taking the right kind of risk. Where as in essence they are taking a life's risk but on the negative. Thank you for reminding us @ejemai

Life itself is a risk and and the only thing that stops people from taking risks is laziness. Someone who wants to remain in a comfort zone is a slothful person and would always remain as an underdog. So risks we must continue to take to remain relevant in our World. Thank you Ejemai for this inspiring post.

No risk, no reward. I love your write up sir. Thumbs up

Life is like the game of poker, sometimes, all you've got to do is to go all in. Big dream chasers are big risk takers. Well done Sir

Taking a leap of faith is whats important. ..Nice piece would definitely try reading the book

Indeed... Taking risk makes life more challenging and productive. Taking the easy way out never pays.
Ps: I am going to get that book and read it, the inspiration would be helpful.

So inspiring @ejemai

I am not one of a risk taker. If I do take risks, rest assured, it took me a lot of thinking. But yes, to live in your comfort zone is not living at all. We need to explore to discover new things about ourselves and our capabilities.

You're are successful because you took the risk again and again and you never stopped trying even when you failed

Well said @ejemai
there is nothing that come up without risk, what am holding from your post is the fact that you say....
when risk is not involved you always feel as if there is something wrong.

We are all supposed to take risks and by reason of being alive and existing on planet earth, we are supposed to be risks takers. Seeing anyone who lives on the easy streets of life means they are not yet living life because it is more costlier to not take that risk.

Well said!!!
Life itself is a risk. Living a life without taking any calculated risk makes it even more risky!!!

Thanks for this @ejemai.

Great point @ejemai. We all live on taking risks. Every step we make towards achieving a certain goal is a risk in life. But again these risks vary.. Some high level risks others are low level risks. The high level risks are what the least percentage of the world's population take.. And these risk takers are the least number of people in the world who are the successful ones.

You find a real life taking risk, if you are afraid to take a risk then i most say you are a dead person. Not taking risk its a risk on it own. @ejemai this is deep thanks for reaching out to us.

Nice write-up! It's so true... there's no way to achieve maximum potentials without risk. And why do human beings worry so much, anyway? Almost everything done today could be corrected, or even made to result in a better life in the space of a few years, but a risk not taken could never be made into anything at all.

"Whenever i see no risk, i fear i am doing something wrong and that worries me"

Wow! This really got me @ejemai, i need to step up to that level.

Excelente Escrito muy reflexivo e inspirador, aveces el temor a enfrentar Riesgos no nos permite avanzar y culminar una meta determinada

No pain, no gain.

I am very same post you, thank you for sharing,
, striving is one of the keys to success, the risk is a single incentive to take action, if we get through it, then we are the most fortunate and the most successful.

Good and nice work

Life itself is a risk... It is very risky not to make any move at all or take a risk... This is very inspiring and a good one to begin the day for me.. Thanks so much for sharing

You can't outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little side bets about the outcome of life @ejemai.
Thanks for sharing.

A risk free life is not worth living

Absolutely on point. Made my day.

This sort of quote need be constantly rang into the subconscious of men on a regular basis to help them stay focused and take necessary actions to achieve success in life.

Keep em coming boss.

Upvoted & Resteemed.

Simply put; no risk, no gain, no pain no gain. He who dares wins. Nice post @ejemai. Came in handy

Thanks for that positive inspiration. Really many people who are afraid to take risks fail to realize this: Avoiding risks is itself a risk. It can lead to failures, it can lead to regrets, it can lead to disappointments. How many times have you heard people say "If only i had known". Why do they say it? They failed to take a decisive risk that would have earned them something. I remember one of uncles who is a lawyer. He asked me; charles, i know you dont love my profession. I said yes. He asked why? I said because one day, am afraid that people who you lost a legal battle you won will come for your life. I was just frank. He said to me: Listen Charles, every trade, every profession, every endeavour in life is a risk. Life itself is a risk. He went on to explain to me how going to school is more risky than practising law (I was in second year of my Computer Science Course). This is 3 years ago.
I never forgot that discussion with him. And since then i accepted to take risks and i have been motivating others to do same. Thanks sir @Ejemai for you writeup.

No risk No reward

Thanks for this great article, it has called to my mind a lot i need to be doing that I'm not... Life itself is a risk. 👍

Risks are necessary evils. We shouldn't take them, but we must.
That's how dicey life can be.

There is so much depth in this statement "There is always that one thing lacking for he who takes no risk and more for that man that takes risk"
Thanks @ejemai

True talk sire. No investment is risky, it's the investor that is.
The greatest regrets are those coming from I should haves. We never loose in life.... You either learn or win. People don't take risks because of the cliche "what will people say? "
But when you take the risk n win, who gets celebrated? YOU!
the Bible tells us to be "child-like" but a whole bunch of people are childish.
Being childish is running away from risk.
Being child-like is taking risk.... Before walking became your unconscious competence, meaning what you don't think about before doing it excellently, can you remember how many times you fell as a baby? The path to mastery, is the path of failure and mistakes.
While in school, what do you think was the essence of corrections after a test or an assignment? It was for you to take action, fail, learn where you failed, and implement it so you can improve.
Men who make mistakes and learn from it have more experience because they know another way not to get the result they desire.
Be intentional.