Difficulties are like puzzles.

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When we come face to face with difficulties, we are meant to stick to our guns because no matter how much we try to pretend its not there, it won't go away.
We overcome difficulties when we push through no matter what happens. Like puzzles, difficulties needs to be constructively tackled and put together.

The pieces to living life is not always placed in the right places for us to see and put together, we need to be first able to identify that, what we have before us is a puzzle and we must be smart enough to start taking the pieces together.

We have what it takes to escape without having to be consumed by the hard aspect of living.

Wishing we don't have difficulties doesn't get it eliminated. Difficulties are a part of the requirements to living, you will never truly start living until you start learning to tackle them.

I Feel Blessed!

Wind of change is more about the ideas we put into living the best life we can. Honing your skills and letting it play well into your life story with a target to get better is one sure way to get over difficulties when they arise.

New ideas will not completely put away the old ones, it just acts as an improvement.

Difficulties will not put away the sunshine from your life, it only will come as a storm and then it will slowly roll away when its time is up.

Most times, we really don't need to fight too hard to overcome difficulties because, the expiring date is always attached to it.
All you need to win over difficulties is the ability to identify your place and how you can use what you have to play the game.

Pick the pieces as you go and you will be able to find the right piece to use it to create something better.
Have you heard about using bricks thrown at you to create a solid foundation? Try it!

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