The one thing i know for certain..

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In a world of uncertainty many people state truths but a truth for one person may not be true for another.. there is only one truth that i can say with complete and utter confidence and that is that - i exist..

I exist, i know this because i exist, i feel my existence, i am my existence, it is not i think therefor i am it just i am.. being able to think gives me the ability to be aware of my existence but it is not necessary for me to exist..

I cannot say if you exist because i don't know for certain, i can't feel your existence.. with the introduction of quantum theory into the equation of this reality means i no longer can trust my eyes, my ears, my senses as they are just tools in which i translate this reality and as things can get lost in translation i have come to this exciting conclusion..

Although i cannot say for certain that you exist i believe that you exist too, and i would like you for a minute to acknowledge your own existence, just for a moment feel your existence, feel the enormity of it.. hold your hands infant of your eyes and move your fingers ;) you exist x, be extremely proud of yourself for existing as it is an amazing thing to behold.. be the realiser of your existence.. appreciate your existence..

Some say that when you die you cease to exist, some say that when you die you continue to exist, for me it seems much more likely that existing is infinite and the only thing that dies is the illusion of life..

The idea that existence has a life is just an idea, that idea is propagated by our universe as everything we observe in the universe has a beginning and in turn a possible end, but who says the universe is all that is.. where did the universe come from, what was going on on the Tuesday 3 days before the big bang? To me it seems much more likely that the universe is a creation just like we are creating virtual realities.. In 1000 years we will be able to create virtual realities so powerful that we would have the option to totally amerce ourselves in them creating the illusion of another reality without memory of the amercement itself.. and in a hypothetical new reality where no prior knowledge to how the amerced came to be i'm guessing an eventual debate will be begin that may sound similar to the great debates of our time.. is there a higher power or not? What's the meaning of life? Why do i have to work?

Happy existing!

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