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Feeling good is important but so many people take their mood for granted, obviously it is important because it feels good to feel good but it is more than that..When you feel good you make good decisions, you see the world in a different way, it is much easier to see the beauty of the world when you feel good..your body feels better, inspiration and creativity comes from feeling good, when you feel good you become an uplifter of all the people around you and not necessarily from your words but from the way you are..When people feel good they glow.. I could go on..

But so many people don't take enough attention to the way they feel.. for example if you are hungry, you will eat / if you are thirsty you will drink / if you are tired you will sleep ... but for a lot of people (including me sometimes still) when you feel bad you don't take actions to improve your mood.. I have an idea to why this might be and it has to do with waves and more specifically momentum..

Waves in the sea are carried by momentum, they start off small and slowly build, it is much easier to stop/change the momentum of a wave when it is small (early stages of the wave) but when it has been building for a while it is much harder to stop because of all the momentum built up.. I believe your mood (good or bad) is similar to how waves work.. in the early stages of a mood swing is very subtle, it's easy not to notice if your not paying attention, but when the momentum of the mood gets going then you notice it, what i am getting at is if you develop the skill of noticing when you feel bad in the very early stages of it's development then it is much easier to do something about it but if you are only noticing it when you feel (sorry for swearing) really shitty then you may struggle to change your mood..i'm not saying you can't but it is definitely harder..

Now on the flip side waves can be amazing.. If you are riding a wave of good feeling momentum it is powerful, it will knock over previously troubling thoughts like they are not even there, you will feel invincible, when you walk down the street you will effortlessly glide, your timing will be good, your conversations will flow.. you will become a solution orientated person

Waves are powerful, catch bad feeling waves in the early stages and build on waves that feel good... that is a powerful recipe that has the power to transform a life

We steemians are at the beginning of a wave right now with this platform, make a contribution that you feel is a positive contribution the more people that do this the bigger the wave will become, eventually it will reach a tipping point and then there will be no stopping it! Whether you are going to be a surfer riding the crest or a turtle taking it easy together something amazing can come from this and we all have a part to play..

In my coming Mindfulness articles i will be sharing easy echniques to build positive momentum that i have been taught that really work..

If you can't wait check out people like Abraham Hicks, Bashar or the many of the great life teachers out there

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