Meaning of Life? Do we need it?

in life •  last year

What is the meaning of life?

Well this question is as old as the humans themselves. Religion has it's own answers, philosophy has it's own answers, and yet there is no answer that completely satisfies. I know I'm not the one to answer it but I would like to share my opinion and also ask others to share their point of view. Well, here are my thoughts.

What if we were born with a predefined meaning of life? I mean would you like to be told how to and why to live your life? I mean we already have a lot of predefined things when we are born like our body and the location and condition for our existence. Mother nature (or Father) made us so that we have our small freedom not to be told how to live our lives, and what to think about (hopefully not to be taken away). I mean at least theoretically.

So I think we don't need a predefined meaning of life we just need that opportunity to choose the one for ourselves.

What do you think?!

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