Reflecting on dissapointment then -SHIFT HAPPENS-.

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Its dissapointing reflecting upon the years and passed down values via generations.

We are taught to trust and believe in authorities such as government, police, religion, doctors, big pharma to name a few, however many "top end" of these professions seem to have an alternative hidden agenda.

Leads one to a 360 turn within, to get back into vibe with the eco side of oneself to research and educate values for our own suitable direction with manafesting life.

With the 5D assention taking place as we now breath, ego exposure is now prominent to those struggling or rebelling the 5D energies taking place, therefore telling us resistance will not win anymore!

There is simply no home on this earth anymore for ego fear and hatred, its becoming a thing of the past, a waste of time and energy, a sure sign we as a collective are waking up...sigh!

Have you noticed within your surroundings those whose vibes clash are being seperated, tell tale signs of 5D assention energies??

There seems to be less violence, whilst those who continue to pursue with fight/ego and persist with ego/hate energies are not full filling the desired old
feeling of "effect" ??

The feeling no longer "gets them off" !

The 5D energies are in overdrive, enjoy the wave as the faster we "wakeup" the faster the assention.

Trust the inner you...remember??

Be aware of the deceptive wolf in sheeps clothing, not all seems as the matrix appears. Dodge and weave your way through others negativity. Avoid gossip its a 3D concept along with 3D thinkers and old habits as this will hold us back longer from assention.

Have one eye open, without fear.
I choose to LIVE without "there" fuckd up backward EVIL spelling ways.

You and I are waiting for the day Santa arrives, as the 3D matrix becomes nothing more than burnt toast, a thing of the past and only used as information taught in history education systems.

Yay I wait for the announced Day of free energy, no more sickness, age reversal, quantum technology, genuine education, renewable energies, hemp resources and earth regeneration, cannabis etc medicines and and and...

Im becoming relaxingly impatient and want the RV now, like a spoil kid who never got the bike for christmas, so hey lets get with the programme and think before we speak and act with loving ourselves firstly along with others so we can get the fck out of this matrix for ever and ever, never to be entered again.

Peace out!

Earthship 420 🌏 !

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