Guess Who Is Pouring Billions Into The Amazon Destruction?

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There is no other way around it: this paradigm must be ended and a new one initiated. Money and hierarchy are bedfellows sustained by the notion of "value" societies have endorsed since the dawn of time. As explained in our very latest video below. Thank you for sharing far and wide...


Five of the World's Largest Banks Are Pouring Billions Into the Amazon's Destruction (MARCH 2020)

A new report from environmental and indigenous rights group Amazon Watch reveals that five of the world’s biggest banks are funding crude oil extraction in the western Amazon. The five financial institutions highlighted—Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and BlackRock—have provided tens of billions of dollars to oil companies to operate in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. .....


I will agree with you that this post has no value...

you remain true to yourself: "central banker and monopoly apologist"
and your business depending on credit cards is next... watch it go down now

Yes, I remain true to my values of free market capitalism. The same principles that invented the internet for you to play on. The same principles which brought us out of subsistence living:

  1. Owning yourself
  2. Owning the fruits of your labors (property)
  3. Being free to trade or give away your property as you see fit.

Very simple, yet powerful recipe for success.

My little businesses are doing just fine, thank you. Seems like people are turning to internet entertainment during their quarantines. So my numbers are up a bit from last year.

You own nothing... we own nothing... death fixes that for us

Yes, when you are dead, you no longer own things. This seems pretty straight forward.

What actually matters is that you own things while you are alive. By adding your labor to nature, you create property. As long as you are free to do what you please with your property, humanity can prosper. This has been proven time and time again throughout human history.

Learn some history, you hypocrite.