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The Culture High

The Culture High is about the Cannabis prohibition existing nowadays. The documentary is based on the motives and arguments brought about by those who are for and against the Cannabis-related laws. It features a number of doctors, celebrities, experts, and reveals new data on the issue.
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Medical Cannabis And Its Impact On Human Health (2011) [Free]

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health features physicians and top researchers representing their opinions about Cannabis and its effects on human health. The professionals in the field discuss the history of the plant, its scientific and medical aspects, common myths associated with Cannabis, and the efforts taken by the government in this regard. This documentary is based on the scientific issues related to Cannabis.
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Bud Buddies: Project Storm (2014) [Free]

Bud Buddies: Project Storm is about two children and four adults who suffer from cancer and need to take Cannabis, which cannot be obtained legally. The story features the risk of those who are ready to help them, even though they will spend 14 years in prison.

WEED I (2013) and WEED II (2014) [Free]

WEED I and WEED II feature the statement made by the medical correspondent of the Health, Medical and Wellness unit at CNN. His name is Sanjay Gupta. According to the doctor, Marijuana is less harmful and should be rescheduled to Schedule 3. These documentaries show how Gupta discovered what Marijuana can do for people and how he became a proponent.
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True History Of Marijuana (2011) [Free]

True History of Marijuana is an overview of the events that led to the prohibition of Hemp and Cannabis in the United States. This is a breathtaking documentary that aims to present the propaganda and the prohibition of the plant.
True History Of Marijuana (2011)
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Married To Marijuana (2014) [Free]

Married to Marijuana features the passionate relationship between Hip Hop and Marijuana. This documentary is a real investigation featuring exclusive interviews with Method Man and Chef Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Schoolboy Q, Too $hort, Curren$y, DJ Quick and Kurupt, and others.
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A NORML Life (2011) [Free]

A NORML Life stands for “National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.” This is a Washington-based non-profit organization. The documentary features exclusive interviews with patients who have felt the positive effects of Cannabis on their health. Also, it includes interviews with doctors, activists and caregivers. This is a great opportunity to get a full insight into all aspects associated with medicinal Cannabis in the US.
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Clearing The Smoke: The Science Of Cannabis (2011) [Free]

Clearing The Smoke: The Science Of Cannabis sheds light on the issues related to the impact of medical Cannabis on the brain and how it acts in the body. It tries to explain how the plant treats epilepsy, nausea, glaucoma, pain and seizures and even helps patients fight cancer. This scientific documentary includes exclusive interviews with professionals in the field and patients.
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When We Grow, This Is What We Can Do (2011) [Free]

When We Grow, This Is What We Can Do focuses on all issues concerning the topic of Cannabis. This documentary throws light on industrial Hemp, the origins of Cannabis prohibition, its medicinal use, and more. It features an interesting interview with one of the experts in the field, Professor David Nutt. He is a former drug adviser to the UK government and the head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs.
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What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? (2010) [Free]

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? focuses on the important issue concerning the relation between cancer and cannabinoids. This documentary shows the viewpoints of world-famous scientists that study chemical compounds found in Cannabis. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about the breathtaking discoveries in the field.
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Cannabis: The Evil Weed? (2009)

[Cannabis: The Evil Weed?] is a BBC film. Doctor John Marsden, who studies addiction, is looking for answers to certain questions concerning the link between Cannabis use and schizophrenia, and Cannabis addiction. He is trying to find out whether it is just a herb or an undervalued medicine.
BBC Horizon: Конопля. Опасное зелье? / BBC Horizon: Cannabis. The Evil Weed?

RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story

Run from the Cure is about Rick Simpson from Canada who tried Cannabis after an injury in 1997, and felt the positive effect of the plant on his health. After his doctor refused to help him obtain Hemp oil, Rick found a way out. In 2003, Rick cured himself of cancer and decided to devote his life to the propaganda of the plant.
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Should I Smoke Dope? (2008)

Should I Smoke Dope? features the efforts of Nicky Taylor, a journalist, who investigates topics related to Cannabis. Her investigation also includes the legal issues associated with the use of Cannabis. For this purpose, she flies to Amsterdam to dig into the matter deeper.

In Pot We Trust (2007)

In Pot We Trust features 5 cases of patients who take Cannabis as part of their treatment. Unlike other documentaries on Cannabis, this one includes the opinions of those who are against the use of the plant and who are against its legal use. Thus, this documentary shows both positive and negative viewpoints concerning the use of Cannabis.
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The Union – The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

The Union – The Business Behind Getting High features filmmaker Adam Scorgie who investigates the most socially-acceptable illegal activity in Canada. The filmmaker presents an underground market and helps you get an idea of an industry that functions, meanwhile remaining illegal. The documentary includes interviews with politicians, criminologists, doctors, police officers, economists, growers, and other parties involved in the business.
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End Pot Prohibition

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