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RE: Facebook Failures or Bitcoin Geniuses?

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They have a distinctive last name. I associated them with the guys in "The Social Network" and Facebook lawsuits the first time I heard it.

They are not dumb guys that's for sure, aside from creating something like that and doing on verbal contract.

I can relate though.

I built all kinds of services for my college campus like yahoo and other portals before any of those existed and most students and faculty were using my designs.

It's easy to look back with hindsight and say "I can do this".

Zuckerberg aimed a lot bigger in scope than they were right away. If this is indeed how it took place then yes Zuckerberg was a dicey underhanded guy.

It seems like dicey underhanded guys do quite well in tech fields.

Bill Gates was dicey and underhanded as well. Even Steve Jobs could be pretty underhanded as well.

It seems like if you want to truly be one of the most powerful businessmen you have to lack a little bit of a conscience when it comes to willingness to screw other people over.

This is why I'd never achieve their heights. I identify with Steve Wozniak far more than any of those other guys. I do identify with the Winklevoss twins more than Zuckerberg, but I never tried to capitalize on ideas I had... so I was a lot more like Woz. Though nothing much has come from it. I am content though. :)


@dwinblood Thank You for Your opinions of the storied past of the tech industry.

I heard that Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, was more of a Good person who has become a true philanthropist. Paul Allen left Microsoft in 1982 for medical reasons and then in 2000, formally left his Board of Directors position at Microsoft.

I'm curious, what is Your opinion of Paul Allen ??

UpVoted Your comment & Following... please consider following me. Thanks again !!

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Elites do no philanthropy, as the plebeians call it. They do social engineering projects:
Hi dwinblood, remember me?

@zeroPointTruth Thanks for Your reply and I tend to agree with Your comment for the vast majority, but feel there may be some exceptions.

Will read Your post on Mark "Cuckerberg" and will very likely agree with most things in Your post. Zuckerberg is a very under-handed person and puppet for the elite.

Thanks again for Your reply @zeroPointTruth

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Word. The evidence in my article is like a $2 billion dollar snow-flake on the ice(((berg))).

Just finished Your article on Mark "Cuckerberg"... interesting.

Thank You

Yep, I remember you. How are things going?

Paul Allen did seem like a decent guy. I kind of see Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to be similar in their ruthlessness within business, and willing to screw people over. That makes them pretty effective, but not my type of person. Paul Allen and Steve Wozniak definitely seemed like different sorts of people.

@dwinblood I agree... Thanks for Your reply.

Do You have any thoughts on Dan Larimer's project... EOS ?

I also in general like Dan as a person. He followed me here on steemit when he was still part of the company and I got to interact with him some. He also writes some very interesting posts. I am excited about EOS but I do also miss that other side of him as well.

Haven't read his posts much, but I've searched & watched a number of videos he is in and Yes, he really seems like a good person... and extremely intelligent.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply back.

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extremely geneous

Thank You... Hope You have a Good Weekend !!

I am paying attention to EOS and am hopeful. It has a lot of potential.

Thanks again... and I'm doing the same. >> : ~ ))

Ever saw the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley?

Yep. I have. I probably pirated it. :)

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