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An unexamined life is not worth living, this teaches us that there is something about life which if not properly and strictly examined, properly addressed and understood could make such a life the equivalence of death and therefore not worth living.


An individual who calls himself a human being must not only exist for a purpose but should live for a purpose. There is something about the life of a man that proves to us that we are not created nor born to live purposelessly for purposelessness is the very enemy of life the very enemy of an individual. Since human beings constitute or make up a family, a nation or society purposelessness of the individual citizen is the very enemy of this nation, family or society. It is therefore very obvious that there is something about an individual's life which if not exposed to check and balances would make
such a life a very regrettable ordeal, thus a terrible doom to the concerned nation, or society or family.

The value of life is measured by the positive contribution or inputs made by the living to the society one finds himself or herself maternally or spiritually. This is why greatness of a man is measured by his creativity and innovative ideas which he passes onto the society as his legacies. This is the very purpose of life. The moment you become dogged and focused, you begin to develop these hidden talents in yourself that will help you to achieve your set goals in life. Whoever that accepts this truth is already on his or her way to stardom Let us discover them in our individual lives, through self examination, that which will hinder us from achieving greatness.


The world we are living in today has advanced beyond biblical days, believe it if you can. The biblical injunction that we should be content with mere provision of raiment and food because we came into the world empty handed and will take nothing out of it when we die does not hold any water today.
Anybody whose purpose of living is to provide for himself only food and clothing has succeed in laying an eternal foundation for poverty.

What are the practical steps to greatness? If your dream is to succeed in life, I want to assure you that your success to a large extent lies in your hands. In the beginning, God created the Heaven and Earth, I believe that before creation, God had a plan of the picture of the heaven and the earth, he desired to have. In essence, God had a thought of what he created Thus for you to be an achiever, you must think of the kind of life you desire to live. "As you think in your heart, so you are!"


Vision, dream and goals are characteristics of real success. Where there is no vision, insight and foresight, there will be no goal, purpose or direction.
Our goal can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan upon which we must fervently act. There is no other route to success. Our ability to dream, set goals and then make them clear within plan for their accomplishment is the master skill to greatness.

Dreams are the children of our souls, the blueprint of our ultimate achievement.

Henry Ford said'
I will belt the Earth with dependable motor cars",
and he did

I admonish you to find something bigger than yourself. Find something worth depositing your whole life into; find something that will take several years to achieve.

The wealthy think generationally, they envision, dream and draw goals for a very long term. The ability to visualize and dream of a bright future is the secret of success. If you dream and have vision for future, the present will take care of itself and your life will be sustained.
The great men and women are diligent and disciplined. Diligence is a end of self discipline; the two are great partners of achievement.
Diligence conquers laziness while self-discipline overcomes procrastination in the battle for success.
Diligence puts everyone who embraces it at the forefront of excellence.

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To be an achiever, you must be a man and a woman of purpose. Purpose is the discovery of what you are living for. Purpose is the key to fulfillment in life. Until purpose is discovered, existence has no meaning. When you hit your purpose, you command attention. After discovering purpose, stay
focused on it. The ability to remain non distracted, unperturbed no matter the situation is what focuses is all about.
Do you desire to be called an achiever? Do you dream of greatness?
Then be a man or woman of determination. The determined keep his eyes focused on success, his ears to hear sounds of success, his hand to grasp opportunity for success and his feet to run the race of success.

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Once you have purpose in life, commitment and discipline is necessary as a recipe to success :)

You have a great point

I would even say: From purpose and commitment arises discipline :)

Life is worth living if we know the real purpose of why we are here and alive. Our existence surely have a purpose and its we live to eat and drink and enjoy like there's no tomorrow.

We live to do good to our fellowmen and extend our arm to the needy. And most of all we should follow and obey Him for this is the whole duty of man.

Cool comment. Our existence should be to do good

reminds me of justine's purpose album. That track "Life is worth a living"

Excellent to reflect.
Who walks through life without a purpose, ends up feeling empty inside. We all must find the objectives, in one's own life and that of others. Interesting to start thinking about that

Who walks through life without a purpose, ends up feeling empty inside.
I love this

Purpose of life should have a big effect on the society you are living in.. try to improve more peoples life .

You made lot if sense

The one & only doctor, i hail you

Welcome bro

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

The value of life is measured by the positive contribution or inputs made by the living to the society one finds himself or herself maternally or spiritually. In all this really touched me. We are valued with what we have to offer, our level of creativity and contribution.

Sure. Thanks for stopping by

Summing it up, when one has found it purpose for living then life will be worth live, each step you take in life lead to fulfilment, you see the reason each they for living. Resteemed

nice summarizing it all

Leave the world and humanity a better place than you found it

i love this. the best way to exist on this very earth. welcome

Thanks. I needed to hear what you've written

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The most important purpose of every human being is sharing the goodnews. Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life.

this is the great post ,i follow you , upvote & resteemit done .

Where do you think the purpose comes from?