One More Goodbye

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Shortly after losing dad late last December, mom began to express a desire to begin this next phase of her life in a new place. Unfortunately her finances were not such that she could afford to keep the house in the family and rent somewhere else, so my childhood home has been added to the list of goodbyes.

2018-09-04 18.06.08.jpg

It is really strange to see it so empty. The patio furniture had become a part of the scenery these past thirty years,

2018-09-03 17.16.11.jpg

much like dad's paintings on the walls.

2018-09-03 17.16.50.jpg

Is it still a dining room without a table or a china cabinet?

2018-09-03 17.17.14.jpg

But of all the things I'll miss, the three flight of stairs to the lake is at the top.
2018-09-04 18.07.09.jpg

2018-09-04 18.07.14.jpg

How many times have I stood in this exact spot I wonder? Thousands, surely.

2018-09-04 18.06.52.jpg

Echoes of my dad teaching my siblings to ride their bikes here are just out of focus.

2018-09-04 18.jpg

This parking area was added long after I was grown. I have to admit that we weren't psyched about it initially, this dead end, this back way to Sampson State Park seemed to belong to the people who lived on this street before then. Especially the kids.

2018-09-04 18.jpg

But now, now I'm grateful. Because it will be the new place I park my car, this enables me to hold back on a goodbye.

2018-09-04 18-2.jpg

But today is likely the final time I will take this hike as a local.

2018-09-04 18-3.jpg

2018-09-04 18-4.jpg

2018-09-04 18-5.jpg

2018-09-04 18-6.jpg

2018-09-04 18-7.jpg

Isn't she a beauty?

2018-09-04 18-8.jpg

Spot the woodpecker!

2018-09-04 18-9.jpg

Trail down to stone fort-

2018-09-04 18-10.jpg

I have to say I feel extremely lucky that the fort is on State land. It is one important piece of my childhood I do not have to bid farewell. I predict many more blissful hours spent on that stone roof :)

2018-09-04 18-11.jpg

Well that makes three goodbye's in a year. It comes in threes they say, so hopefully this is the last for awhile. Thanks for being with me through it my steemit friends!

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No doubt that must have been hard, @dreemit. I can only imagine the pain of leaving all those memories behind. But remember, no one will can take away those precious images from your mind's eye. They will stay with you forever.


So good to see you Ez! Yeah, it's been a tough year for goodbyes, that's for sure. My daughter recently moved to the Carolinas after turning eighteen on top of everything. But I believe that life is a balance, tough years are generally followed by great ones :)


Defo, life is a series of swings and roundabouts. Everything will turn out just fine from here on in. Keep the faith, sweet @dreemit... :)

Walls and ceilings. Curtains and chairs. Though this location may have been the setting of your home, the home you had built was always your family, and the memories you made in their will last just the same.

And I might add, your home is far larger now than those walls could ever contain.


I have this overwhelming desire to hug you right now. lol.

Seriously though, Howie presented me with an exercise to think on today- 25 things I want to accomplish, do, etc. in the next five years. Hugging you is on that list (and since you don't intend to travel to the US, that will cover visiting Scotland as well ;)


I feel I am over my fear of flying at this point. With the shit I have been through in recent months, I do not think there's an awful lot that could scare me.

Though the USA is of little interest to me, South America certainly is. So perhaps we can meet half way (kinda) one day-


Half way? Ha, nope, it's equally as far for me to travel to Brazil as it is to Glasgow. Although I do intend to go to South America at some point too, so that could work :)

I've been away and haven't seen any Steemit for 6 days (though Sift did spend some votes for me some days). Seeing these photos made me well up too! xx


If that made you tear up then my post today definitely will- I'm putting up the song my brother wrote for my dad. Makes me cry every time of course.

Were you on your trip? If so, hope you had fun!


Yes, I was in Samoa. It was great and hopefully I'll get a post up soon. But heading off to conference out of town soon, so maybe next week. Yes, Ed certainly knows how to hit the spot :-}

It is pretty hard when you get attached to a place. Hope your mum has found an awesome new one that you can make more happy memories in :)


Well, she's found a place that she doesn't have to pay the repairs on. She's happy, so I'm happy :)

It ends with three. No more goodbyes for this year. None. This really made my eyes well up. It's hard to part from a childhood home, but it's necessary to move to move forward. I didn't even had a chance to see it. Perhaps you can buy it back with the book and crypto earnings you get when they roll in, sis. Where's Mama Dreemit going to stay at now?


Don't worry, when you come to visit we can still hang out at the stone fort and take a walk down that trail :)
She's renting a place nearby. The nice thing is she doesn't have to pay for maintenance now.


That's great to hear! I hope that Mama Dreemit's better off that way.


She definitely is, the house had become a source of serious stress for her. When dad passed, half of her income went with him, so it was already a struggle for her just to keep up on the bills. If anything major went wrong it would have been trouble. And the apartment is really cozy. She's made it her own, and is even a little excited about this new beginning. Too many memories in the house, which suddenly seemed so big with just her in it.

maybe sometimes fond memories and goodbyes mean new beginnings in life as well , which I think it will for you and your family , all the best xxx


Very true, thank you! xo

The progression of life, I think it's one of the hardest parts of it all. I feel for you. Finally leaving the family home for good is very very difficult. I'm glad you have such fond, wonderful memories of growing up there, and as said below, those are with you forever and absolutely priceless. And as my Mother used to tell me, when she moved on, home is where the people are. I'm so glad you get to still visit the fort. Such a huge part of your youth. Throw a few stones at the water for me, next time you're there. Tell the watergods as they plunk, it's for the true joy, and occasional anguish of this wacky thing called life. Take care, dd


Home most certainly is where the people are :) I will definitely skip a few stones for you dd, thanks for your sweet, warm words! xo

This is very sad and I can't imagine how you feel. I hate goodbyes.
So sad that your mom can't keep this beautiful house which means so much to all of you and I'm sorry for the loss of your dad @dreemit.
The place looks amazing and I can just imagine all the amazing memories you had there with your family.


It is a bit sad, but life is full of changes so I'm endeavoring to see the bright side :) xoxo

Nice post...Give your mom a hug for being courageous enough to start over; and, not get lost in the memories of that huge house. I'm sure it grew another wing when your dad passed.

Life's not easy; and, having both the courage and means to start a new chapter is an important part of the journey. Yours is finding the perfect balance of giving her the room to grow, while letting her know you're right there when she needs you.

Best regards.


Nice places to relax and thank you for these kind pictures

hi berose, all the pics of your house are really very good but i if you not mind want to say just one thing Try to live in the present moment you do not have a rewind button life has just two buttons play / stop

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thanks a lot my friend for the great pictures and your storybloem vvor jou.gif

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