GrubHubbing with a Tag-A-Long

in #life2 years ago

While Ethan's arm heals he is a bit limited on what he can do...

Waiting for his staples to come out


And they're out


...So hanging out with Mom while GrubHubbing and DoorDashing isn't so bad. On this particular slow day he decided to do his daily run on the pier at the park- while someone did some wind surfing beside him


It turns out I do get paid to just sit around, eleven bucks an hour when there's no orders... getting paid right now! :0)


Man, that is one scar and a half!!

It looks way better now that the ink is washed off, but it's still a tattoo and a half!

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Oof what did I miss O_O

Getting paid for quiet periods sounds like it would take some pressure off if this is one of those gigs you rely on :)

You saw the post where he broke his arm didn't you? That's from the surgery. Looks a little better without all the ink and crud on it. Gonna be a wicked lifelong scar though.


I recall something about him breaking his arm but not surgery D: (which doesn't say much as my recall can be pretty random XD) Must have been one hell of a break. Will make for an interesting story :)

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