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It has been 1 month since i m using steemit platform. Honestly speaking , I planned to be in steemit aiming at a better future....
I faced up and down during these days.
Now I feel the track is on for me here.
A lot of friends helped me to strengthen the bond between steemit and myself.

This is a fun challenge and the rewards are happiness and joy.


Tag your best friend at steemit.
Share experience with him.
Please resteem if you like the challenge.

Tag your best friend , share happiness.

I m accepting the challenge

My best friend so far in steemit is WAHID BAI
@wahid7860. When i stood infront of steemit without knowing anything he showed me a helping hand sharing tips and tricks.
The journey from 25 to 42 i remember him and the help he had provided me.
Thanks wahid bai

Share your experience with bff in steemit

Resteem the post and share experience in the comment tagging your bff.

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Friendship is really fun because every friend is with you in your good times , but when bad times comes they run away , hence u love ur friends for being opportunistic