I bet 100 Bucks you dont know Canabis Heals Cancer!steemCreated with Sketch.

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I know what you thinking. Ähh another stupid stuff wanne attract my attention.

Seriously. Canabis really heals cancer.

So why you dont know about it?

Think about the lobbys earning Billions on cancer.

They dont want you to heal cancer by just using Canabis.

Go inform yourself. Google it.

If something can safe our life. Then we should act and dont restrain. While the lobbys and media are brain washing the people and letting them die slowly, people restrain to act and safe ther own lifes. This is so sad in so many ways. When people are confrontit with stupid stuff and lies they get immun after while. And later when you now came up with something really really good that can safe so many People, then this people react same they think its the same lie they already heard about 1000 other things and ignor it. We sit infront of our tvs and dont want to see the real world. Look into this my friend it could open your your mind a bit.

I know it has a taste of conspiracy theories but it also has a taste of true.

Im trying to bring more attention to this Topic because so many people are dieng and many could survive. You dont need to give Money or upvote or anything. Just write What you think aboutthis topic. And if you are convinced, then maybe one day you will safe 1 life.


s true, there are many researches and applications of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the details is that the subject has been so mishandled, so stigmatized and involved in bad things, that very few people open to understand this, just keep thinking what that the majority says, that it is something bad, drugs, criminality, they only see the negative side.

exact this, thank you

I love this piece of information you provided, some how you can save a life by just posting this. I would like to make a research about canabis and I can write an article on it too... You can also feature in a seminar in your community to educate the people about it. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

i thank you for your kind words. I would like to to a alot better post instead of a quick summary but for now i have less time but still try to keep on thing i think it could really safe 1 life. If i can reach alot people. I think in a couple years canabis will have a hole new image

Your Endocannabinoid System - What it is, how it works

wow didnt know how early they was on this and still in 2018 the majority have no clue what could safe the life of a loved one

The information is getting out there every day, I think I have at least 50 facebook friends that know about it.

We can say thank you to people like you who are spreading the word.....

It's promising Yes !I looked into this subject but there is no hard evidence supporting that belief ,,not a single research has proven it ,it's just a hypothesis,

plz go to 36:20 Min and watch what he shows

look at this my friend

no its not an hypothesis. Its proven already. Just research and look the dcumentary. It works but they dont now why it works atm.

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