Grateful For the View

in life •  3 months ago


I’ve been working on gratitude lately.

One thing I’m grateful for is amazing friends. We ended our summer with an epic hang in MN with @ericvancewalton, Raymi and our fam, then a fantastic trip upstate with @bakerchristopher and his fam. That’s where this amazing view came from, up top in the Shawanagunk Mountains.

I’m thankful for mountains too. And all the rest of this beautiful world. Watching Elon Musk on the Joe Rogen Experience podcast reiterated just how insane burning all these fossil fuels is. He called it the worst experiment you could ever imagine. I’m grateful for people like him who are not just pointing that out, but doing something about it.

I’d be even more grateful if World leaders would follow that lead.

Gratefully Yours in the World,

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What a great trip it was! Campfires, crazy rides on Bird scooters, and a solid HardFork episode written.

It's really incredible how life becomes less stressful and "luck" begins to blossom when we practice gratitude. I fought against the current of the universe for years but finally learned to stop struggling. It's been an incredible year floating down the river of life with you guys, I'm thankful for that and everything that has come out of it!

Let's hope our world leaders wake up soon to the fact that money won't shelter them (or their future descendants) from disaster if we don't change our course. Never in history has such a small group of greedy individuals held the fate of humanity in the palms of their hands.


So well said! Can’t wait for the next hang!

Nature shows us a lot and the world teaches us a lot . Better connection with nature and world . I love this photography . Thanks for sharing @dougkarr

When we are grateful, the universe gives you more than you have, @dougkarr! It's good to have that attitude in life. We must give thanks to the air, to the sun for each sunrise, to the stars that are there to amaze us, even to the stones for making our path slow and stop. Give thanks for every friend, for every struggle, for every obstacle! And open your hands to receive all that God has prepared to give us. Nice Friday.


So true, thanks @nancybriti! Nice Friday to you as well!

Great view man in that moment you feel a connection with nature and world :). Regards

Awesome view man! Gotta praise those mountains from time to time :)

Excellent post...Very beautiful scenery...and..lovely dear friend douglarr

I’d be even more grateful if World leaders would follow that lead.

:/ I wish. Maybe someday. For now, we're a little fucked

Nice photography

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Nice post i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us

This is a lovely photo with a lovely view

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Splendid view.

We owe it to our children yet unborn to preserve this beautiful World.

Nature's beauty

Marvelous! 😎👊

Being grateful allows us to see more to be grateful for. Great view in the mountians.