Hurting The One I Love

in life •  19 days ago 

Hurting the one I love is something I never thought I could do. But whom am I a human, in an inperfect flesh to think that? I never saw it coming, it came, and all I could do was avoid it.

Everything started to crumble inside of me, I felt guilty and mind heavy so I had to let go what's inside of me. I felt that was the right thing to do. I guess it wasn't Afterall.

Letting go of what's inside of me changed everything about us. It shredded the little life remaining inside of our relationship. This is something I was prepared for and at same time not prepared for.

Now I have lost what I cherished the most, what I can never imagine loosing. I believe it's all for the best as it will make you happy. Happiness is what I want for you even though it involves loosing me.

Wish you all the best in life and a person that will love you better than I do.

[ CC0 licensed]

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