Life, dance and fitness

in life •  2 months ago

Dear dance and fitness lovers

This evening I took three short videos, extracted three clips and made this video.

In the first clip I'm happy to be alive, in the second clip I'm dancing and in the third one I'm just exercising because I'm not happy with my rusty kicks. I have been to the gym only a few times in the last three months because I was enjoying the outdoors thanks to the nice weather and now I'm back.

Enjoy watching my video!

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ese gym si que es grandes y tienes tu espacio para bailar y todo que bueno el fitnes después un baile muchas energía @donatello 5 minutos de muchos movimientos yo muy buenas condiciones salud y fe .


Thank you so much!
All the Best!

I always enjoy your videos of dancing and having fun.
I loved the sidekicks.
I always love to enjoy doing fitness outside during the summer months too.
Beautiful gym.
Have a great weekend @donatello


I'm glad you like my videos. My videos are meant to be entertaining.
Have a great Sunday!

I see you @donatello grooving with some funky moves my friend, NICE!! This is what life is about. What living is about. Never stop dancing. Never stop laughing. Never stop evolving.


Thank you so much for watching and leaving an encouraging comment.

  • @donatello Friend back to the gym. Excellent the first music for your good exercises with big and agile movements of crossed legs and jumps. Your kicks with front leg turns on very good and I like it. Your wall of hand in balance and with cross-legged is great. The gym is very nice. Happy sunday dear friend @donatello.

  • @donatello Amigo de vuelta al gimnasio. Excelente la primera música para tus buenos ejercicios con grandes y ágiles movimientos de piernas cruzadas y saltos. Tus patadas con giros de la pierna de frente en muy buena y me gusta. Tu pared de mano en equilibrio y con cruze de piernas es genial. El gimnasio es muy bonito. Feliz domingo querido amigo @donatello.

Thank you for the lovely comment!


Thank you so much my friend! I like to hear from you.