#11 Beautiful spring - drone dtube #3 🌿 ☀️🎥 🌿

in life •  10 months ago

~~ Farmlands.
A beautiful landscape created by man. If I am to be honest, I love wild nature without any human interference. However, I am convinced that both can exist in harmony. 🧡

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very good contribution I like you very much you have very good content greetings


Beautiful, I love the photography skills you exhibit. Do you have many more vids I will have to watch more of your content.


Thanks :) yes, I will post new films in the coming days

That was A beautiful mix of nature color from above @dominik.homa , that was a great angel in recording with drone. thank you for sharing this awesome view of video.


You welcome and thanks for comment :)

Amazing Views from above with drone... Cool!
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Realy good video <3

The natural landscape is amazing @dominik.homa, with a mixture of some natural coloring colors more beautiful again.


Thank you :)

how awesome! I love the music you paired with the footage. The yellow fields in contrast with the green looks so rad.