Are Men Better Than Women At Anything? [VIDEO]

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Can you name 3 things women are naturally better at than men?

Go ahead, take your time…

Got a few?

That was easy, right?

Perhaps you thought of things like compassion, emotional control, or multitasking. The list goes on.

Okay, now can you name 3 things men are naturally better at than women?

I’ll wait…

It’s alright, no rush.

How about just one… can you name one thing men are naturally better at than women?

Apparently it’s a challenge for many. Are men really that damn useless to the world?!

Unfortunately, that seems to be the consensus of the average brainwashed zombie after a viral video documented society’s utter inability to give any credit to the male gender.

Crypto Investor, YouTuber, and Anarchapulco veteran Sasha Daygame is the man behind the sensational clip that’s got some feminists crying. Sane people on the other hand are applauding the experiment for exposing this decades-old double standard.

As Sasha detailed in a recent episode of Anarchast:

“Everybody would just be like, ‘oh yeah! Women are awesome. We do so many things’, they would just list all these things, ‘we’re more nurturing, we’re more loving, we’re better at this and that!’

Then I just say, ‘great, can you name some things men are better at than women?’ And you just see every single person go [silent].”

The discrimination is undeniable, but it’s actually part of a wider agenda by the so-called elite to obscure basic, obvious reality and leave us dazed and confused---not unlike Orwell’s “two plus two equals five.”

Sasha elaborates in our discussion that this war on gender is just one facet of the war on truth.

We talked about quite a bit, from the commie takeover of universities, and conformity as a prison, to transcending your own suffering, and getting to know yourself.

Enjoy The Full Interview Here:

As a Renegade Dating Guru and Spiritual Teacher, Daygame is hosting the Infinite Man Summit in Acapulco, Mexico, immediately following Anarchapulco, The World’s Premier Liberty Event. Top speakers will help facilitate a profound experience of self transformation for any man (or woman) interested in going deep into themselves, including your own flaws, areas of development, and repressed issues.

I spoke at the summit last year, and I’ve personally seen several men brought to tears (in a good way) from how deeply impacted they are by Sasha’s work.

The Infinite Man Summit is coming up February 18-19, 2019, and in addition to Sasha’s workshops, you’ll learn from a wide range of experts how to maximize the critical areas that create an extraordinary life of passion and fulfillment.

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3 things men are naturally better at than women:





Writing in cursive with pee!

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They are trying to squeeze their last bit of power as it slips away into nothingness! Self reliance and freedom is closer each day. That's my belief.

Wonderful talk between you both you are inspirational and have woken me up. I am manifesting like a mother at the moment. Occasionally I forget but man life is amazing and the hundredth monkey is about wake and boy when it wake we are in for a treat yesss 💯🐒

For me that´s not even a question... Just like the opposite is also true.

there are some things men are definitely better at than women
Going to the toilet standing up, Shopping(men know what they want!)
And man are stronger then woman ;)

It's a competition then?

This guy sounds like a cult leader. An ecstatic dance? What are we now Sannyasins? Of course it's horrible how they compare Sannyasins to Jonestown when they are completely non-violent, but I still don't do that wavy hand dance.

Hey Jeff, are you going to do any more of your walking the dogs videos ? I thought they were great ! I am on a fast and I am documenting it here, I only joined Steemit a few weeks ago, so struggling to get views, it would be great if you could resteem it for me, good luck with Anarchapulco.

some anarchist got shot in Acapulco. Pls comment on this.

American anarchist John Galton was shot dead in the Mexican resort of Acapulco. Soon after the shooting John's partner, Lily Forester, said via Facebook that she saw the gunmen go straight at John and his friend...

Like the Yin & the Yang, both sexes compliment the other & both are necessary for humankind to flourish. Three things men generally do better are: Hunting, Navigating & Opening stubborn ketchup bottles.