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Three Rules

in life •  11 months ago

When my children were children, I taught them three rules. The idea was to keep teenage boys out of serious trouble. Turns out they have adult value as well. They do not compare to the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God, but they are easier to remember. Easy remembering is good. A8E6769E-3CD1-4501-AE7D-181243B51626.jpeg

RULE ONE: Don’t Get Caught.

My thinking was that teenage boys would think mostly of mischief. But as adults it is also better to keep your actions both good and bad private. I cannot imagine any behavior where public knowledge would increase the positive benefits.

For many years my parents paid to have 100 pounds of potatoes delivered to a mission for the homeless where they lived. They did this privately and silently. They did this to avoid attention to their actions. There is something in the Bible that prompted their secrecy.

Of course I could have used a faster car, or some other toy, but this is how they taught me... by example. Donations are more effective if they can be received without awareness or obligation.

In the Steemit community the same type of gift can be accomplished with a silent (comment free) upvote.

RULE TWO: Don’t Destroy Property

Rule two also has adult value, although the word “property “ is unnecessary. Stated from a positive perspective, it means; build, support, encourage, motivate, enable.

The Steemit community is built on a foundation of the positive meaning of rule two. Nothing much is gained by tearing others apart, but mountains can be moved with the combined gifts of value given to any worthwhile endeavor.

RULE THREE: Don’t Talk About It

The third rule is a bit more difficult to apply to adult behavior. However in general, you are better of if you think more and talk less. Give more and take less.

Do not brag about your achievements. Let others brag on you when they choose to re-Steem your post. If you find a brilliant discovery, give it away. Let others reap the fruit of your tree.


These rules are not everything! By the way, can you name the Ten Commandments? Sometimes, they may not apply either. What is a graven image anyway?

Here is today’s beauty.

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One of my rules... very similar, Leave no evidence. ;-)

I laughed out loud when I read don't get caught and was like yep I can agree with that.

Agree with 3rd rule as well as most people only get caught when they brag about it to someone.

Rule to my kids is....Make good choices. Plain and simple. From the time you're in high school throughout the rest of your life, every single choice you make has some affect on your life.

I have it done to one main rule in my house. Do not piss me off. It seems to work for me

In My Rules are always talk truth,work hard and do good with the people.