Humayun Faridi: A star in the country's television and movie world

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The individuals who saw 'Smash' in Ramzan play, did they realize that performing artists were impacted by conjurers? As time passes by, individuals are living like 'ears cut off Ramadan' and leave from the mechanical business. Acting is a workmanship! Something else, how does the regular man recall him notwithstanding the genuine personality of the performer through his acting character? If not, why are the general population of this nation still recall Humayun Fariyi, who kept in touch with some sensational plays, 'Samasethhak', 'Omai', 'The Two to Do'? Faridi Humayun Faridi what amount of reprobate Villen is less demanding?

Screenplay saint and legend, screen legend and scoundrel who isn't just dramatists and business pictures, film and TV movies of this motion picture 'Pratyak', 'Joyer', 'Shyamal Shayya', 'Bahubriyi', 'Goodness' and 'Together notwithstanding as far as possible In the shadow of Shyamol, we considered him to be an opportunity contender against Pakistani occupation powers. Be that as it may, not just in the film, he likewise took arms against the foe in his own life. The 18-year-old exemplary Fardi was admitted to the University of Dhaka in 1970 in the Department of Biological Chemistry, yet on one month, he required a battle for the nation's mom. He couldn't disregard the welfare of his nation and the general population. Autonomous flexibility warriors took an interest in the war. After the war, he took another piece of the acting scene. The aggregate sum of cash in the nation isn't little in any way. Bangladesh was occupied because of the annihilation and devastation of Bangladesh after the War of Liberation, a portion of its kin spread the world quickly on TV. Particularly when the show plays another section in the auditorium of Bangladesh after the venue war. In this unique circumstance, Salim al-Din, Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu, Afzal Hossain, Golam Mustafa, Pais Bandyopadhyay and so forth have assumed driving part. Humayun Faridah's name isn't with them, however this rundown won't be finished. On-screen character Faridu of Dhaka Theater partook in the stage and functioned as executive of Bhut's auditorium organize theater. And, after its all said and done no episode will come back to his life. Notwithstanding amid the dramatization, he plays at phase of ladies' general public and in front of an audience. He promptly got numerous honors and prominence in the execution of Shankandal, Kishtankhola, Keramat Mongla, Van Monsas. With the Natyadal Federation, as Grameen Theater, Faridi's nation's top of the line move association, the following period of his life, is the most heavenly section in his life. From that point forward, his presentation was on the TV screen. Subsequent to coming to TV, through dramatization and film, he is known from each town of Bangladesh in the town today. image

Humayun Faridi on 29 May 1952, in the East Pakistan, Narinda, her dad's name ATM Nurul Islam and mother's name Begum Farida Islam. His essential instruction was finished in the town of Kaliganj and because of his dad's activity, he went to better places of the nation. In the wake of finishing auxiliary instruction from Madaripur Islamia Government High School, he passed the Higher Secondary Examination from Chandpur Government College in 1970. This year he was admitted to the Institute of Biological Chemistry. Be that as it may, his examination was converging for the freedom war. In the wake of satisfying full obligation regarding the war for the nation, Jahangirnagar University came back to the economy. From that point, he began his excursion and began his trip socially. The grounds of this college was a piece of his acting vocation, his day in an extensive variety of his social identity Salim-al-Dinah, and his days on this grounds were coming back to life. He substantiated himself as the most noticeable coordinator of Jahangirnagar University's Natya Festival in 1976, and in this world he fortified his position.

The 'imperceptible news' diversion begun with incredible execution on the screen. It can not be shut again since 1982, play on screen, blue plan seek, watch through telescope, 'broken sound', 'how far bakulpur', 'red sari and so forth.' (2005), 'Chandrakrishna', 'Mohan', ' General class (last diversion) like 'Bhab Haat' and 'Armaan Bhai', 'Mahuaar Mana', 'Sudanatak' (1987-88), 'Kaawuqaasahabahaye' (1990), 'Ganges ocean' one '(2005) Gentleman is an alternate, Unique and famous in all the plays. Amid this show, the part of 'Kant Ramadan' has assumed a part of peace, making the general population's mind their lasting spot.


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