Well here it is, the first compilation video of all my latest drone footage... A sorta feel good video if you will 😄

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Heeeeeey everyone. So here it is, here is the video on youtube of all the latest spots I have been adventuring with my drone, all put together with some inspirational tunes from BenSound.

All photos an videos were taken by myself, and always used with extreme caution!
Although this little Mavic Pro drone can be purchased at big box stores, it is knarly piece of equipment that is hardly a toy anymore, as you'll be able to see from the quality of the footage. Point is, even though its very easy to get lost in having fun with this aircraft, one must always be careful and mindful to flight paths chosen, before ending up in some serious trouble

I have crashed the unit 3 times now already (these were all small pilot errors and all learning curves lol!!) and luckily all the times I did, I was able to retrieve it with not much trouble... well I mean, if you call climbing a tree twice, not much trouble that is !!!
I will post some future vids of some of the close calls and crash landings I've had haha!!

Speaking of all that now, I will say that there are new regulations out now which can be found HERE and to be honest, they have really clamped down on the ability to fly drone anywhere.

NOTE: These are Canadian guidelines

OK OK OK, lets get to it, here is the video. ENJOY...!!!


Let me know your thoughts :D
If anyone has any suggestions or any ideas that could possibly help me out with future footage and videos, feel free to drop them in the comments. I will gladly accept any and all help, I would be sooo grateful!!

Proud to be Canadian eh

^^Big thanks again to @greenbuff for this sweet banner^^



Some decent footage in there. Ive been looking at getting a drone for a while, do you have any recommendations?

These days where I am in Canada here, regulations make it very hard to fly in a lot of cool places, so maybe check that out before spending any bigger amounts of money. It wasnt a deterrent for me, but for alot of people who dont know this before buying, it could be a bummer.
However to answer your question, for starting out, look at the DJI stuff. They sell it at big box stores and even tho mass produced, still offer a rather half decent warranty service and customer support.
I have the mavic pro and love it! its my favorite drone so far. I have had the Q500 and it was a good beginner drone, but IMO if i was you, I would look at the DJO phantom 3 maybe. Its a little older and doesnt have all the bells and whistles that the newer 4 does, but that refelcts in the price. its still an excellent buy to learn how to film and fly. This will let you know if droning is for you without going broke doing it :)
Cheers :)

Wow the first photo looks awesome! This looks like so much fun

That is beautiful diggerdugg! Great work man! The music reminds me of the game final fantasy 10. Haha.

haha thanks dude!!!! The music was a little random i would say lol... but it made me feel good so i rocked it hard!

Sometime you just have to throw a song in there! Haha. I did enjoy it though.

Some very nice shots there. You have peaked my interest in drones. Thanks for the post and keep flying and posting.

Thank you for stopping in mate!!! If you havnt flown one before, I would say do it!!! The more money they are, the more you actually get, its crazy!! and the tech these days in these aircraft is soooooo cool!!

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This is awesome!

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