AND HES BACK!!! Diggerduggs drone adventures is once again here 😄

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So I have been away from Steemit for over a week now, for some reasons at home here which left me unable to really use the computer for any length of time. But I am back now and ready to start kicking some more Steemit arse
Heres a shoutout to the MSP, all the awesome folks on Discords P.A.L. Network, MSP Waves,Team Canada, and Team South Africa for all the help I have received from them, and here is a big BOOYAH to all the people and all the action that I have missed over the last few days, please forgive my absence 😄

Here are a few snaps and basic vids I have taken with my new Mavic Pro drone while I have been away

Img source: 1

My parents place


Paris, Ontario, Canada

Paris, Ontario, Canada
Glenmorris, Ontario, Canada

And here is part of the reason I have been away, 14 hour days dont leave much time for computer time :(

What my days feel like sometimes, anyone else relate? No more excuses tho!
Thanks Giphy for the Gif

Been busy the last little while doing some of this

<><><> <><><> <><><>
And also been helping another buddy with some house renos

So thanks everyone for checking out some of my footage, you're all awesome

I plan to learn and use Adobe Premiere for making some cool videos of some of my areal shots! I have watched some pretty awesome stuff turned out of that program and I hope to add to that list of awesomeness!

Cheers everyone and happy Steeming

Logo 3.png
Massive wicked big huge shoutout to @greenbuff for this awesome banner. Def hit him up if you're looking for some snazzy images to tail off your Steemit posts



That drone looks amazing man!!!

Thanks buddy, Wasnt able to use the teamSA tag this time around, but I will forsure add them in :) One more tag spot would really be a sweet idea eh!!?

Only one more?? Hehe 😎

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Dude youre friggin awesome!! Thanks so much for this :D

I'm gonna add u on my autovoter list now I have it set I don't miss my Canadian brethren !

You registered beauty you!! Thanks pal!
I had to pause my voter cos I would come in and my power would be so low each day... hard to cut down and out on there tho eh!! any tips for a a fella looking to make Steem Voter more efficient?

None. I'm waiting for for support to help me with my account. It's not seeing my steem power right now. I'm only putting a few on there I don't wanna miss. Hey @diggerdoug did u see the mspcanada post I did the other day? If not check it out..major moves!

Welcome back....away a week...did you go through withdrawal?


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Haha you know what I damn near did.... At the beginning it was very bad !! lol!!

I know I would have....and I am only on here a little over three weeks.

Steemit is going to have to start a 12 step program.


So that's why you've been gone! XD

Thanks for the shoutout! Let me know if you'd like it bigger or any changes you want made to the signature!

haha you caught me hangs head in shame, but with slight grin ;)
Right on dude, let me rock this one for a bit then maybe we can do some changes in the future?

Sounds good man lol

Awesome, pretty nice pictures. Thanks for sharing those nice river and bridge pictures..... beautiful!!!

You bet mate! Thanks for checking in. Hoping to have more up as the days go on :D

Welcome back holmes. Glad you're back to kick arse haha The drone footage was great. The pic with the bridge in the water's reflection is dope. Nice of you helping friends, that's what it's all about man. Take care bud and we'll see u on the chat

The area is so lush and green, enjoyed your short videos thanks @diggerdugg

Thank you very kindly dear, the leaves will be turning for Autumn colors soon :)

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