Things I learned from Living with Male Roommates

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It has been three weeks since I moved into my new apartment. After 2 years of living on an island, literally, I decided that maybe it would be better for me to have some daily face-to-face interaction. Isolation, although good in entrepreneurship as it allows you to hyperfocus, can be bad for mental well-being. And so, I'm done with it for now. This is a new chapter.

It turned out that human connection, space, and privacy can all be balanced. I moved here because I had to make a choice sooner, like find an apartment just as expensive (by our standards) or live with men where the rent and internet connection are great. It's win-win since they also work in the tourism industry and are partners in business. And the other best thing, we are all outsiders making a living in a seemingly inhospitable environment. Outsiders community tend to cover for each other.

I admit that there's still a huge adjustment on my part as I lived alone for quite a while. I used to be totally in control of the apartment arrangement and everything. But now I have to come into agreement with my roommates whatever it is that we need to change. The good thing is that I don't really need that much in life. I'm not fussy about things. As long as the place stays clean, free from bugs and all, I'll live.

I learned that living with men is just the same as living with women. Men are just human beings. Women can be slobs and men can be neat-freaks. Men can take longer inside the bathroom and women, like me, can be super low maintenance. I don't use that much cosmetics or stuff on my face so nothing to worry about shelf space here. I can take all the space in the refrigerator for my beer. Some men like to cook a lot, really. And this is the best thing about my new place. There are no traditional gender roles. There's just the unspoken understanding of cleaning up after yourself, buying what needs to be bought and cooking food for the entire household. Sharing is nice.

At the end of the day, it's all about having respect and courtesy in order to live in harmony with other people. I had some hesitation with this setup at the beginning given my paranoia about being in confined space with men. I had a few bad experiences in the past, especially during my traveling days. Some of my female friends tell me that boys will be boys. Can't blame me if I'm still being careful and always on my guard. But I know that there will always be good and bad people regardless of gender. So far, I can feel the good vibe here, so I'm good. My instinct is usually right. If I don't trust, I might live in misery. And if I trust, I might be disappointed. Life is tricky.

I guess my roommates are trying their best to be at their best behavior especially about household chores and bathroom cleanliness. I'm also careful not to be messy myself and upset others. With training, honesty, and openness, I learned that things can work out drama-free. And that men and women can live together under the same roof and maintain a platonic friendship. I'm happier to be myself here and get to know each and every one. It humanizes me.

Things are slow now. I'm not getting any bookings so it means that I can focus more on writing or sharing my thoughts again while earning a little bit here and there. Let's see what's in store for me this season.

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You're lucky. One of the worst things about roommates can be being messy. Second to that is labels and passive-aggressive notes.

So true. I'm moving out straight away if that's the case.

"Women can be slobs and men can be neat-freaks. Men can take longer inside the bathroom and women, like me, can be super low maintenance."

That is the truth. I had a friend who would spend an hour meticulously spiking his hair in high school lol.

I had a friend who would spend an hour meticulously spiking his hair in high school lol


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