Stop Picking on Little People and Give Chance to Others

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Ever since I have shared my life goals and ambitions here, including my venture, I've been receiving these attacks that I would be soon greedy and wealthy, ha! Not coming to me as a surprise anymore, but there has been a trend, by only a specific group of people. I really do not appreciate this dumb assumption since you don't really know me personally and what I've been going through in life. You don't even know some specific details about me. Why not focus on your own? Go set forth and find your purpose. I know that I write about various social issues I have experienced myself and I apologize if some are not really within your comfort zone. Some of my articles have the inconvenient truth in it. I just don't invent those events I write about, those are actually happening in the real world and it just happened that this is how I see things. Some things are just spot on. Steemit gives me a chance to write about those issues I see every day from my perspective. I didn't mean to impose white guilt or trigger the snowflakes out there, or bring out the dick in you, it is just your interpretation. It is not my fault if you have psychopathic genetics. Why not just recognize the reality instead of being ultra defensive? For sure if I have privileges but in the end, if it makes me a dick, I would question it myself too. Truth hurts I know. WHAT IS TRUE TO ME MIGHT NOT BE TRUE TO YOU. I'm merely exercising freedom of speech. And no, I'm not playing victim I'm just giving you my perceptions based on my own reality, sort of breath of fresh air. Try get a fuckin' different perspective sometimes. Anyway, allow me to justify once and for all.

I have different experiences in my travels based on my own reality and perceptions of the world. My articles turned out to be counterculture to the popular 'I traveled around the world without money' and all the typical backpacking stories. I didn't mean to be contrarian to the usual travel blogs of the tiny percent of travelers.

Yes, I hate the greedy elites of your society because they are the reason why we are still down here and no I'm not going to be like them, so please give up this fantasy. I'm far down here so why not instead of picking on my goals to merely survive, why not have a little check on your own elites and corporations? You see there are not many jobs around here and my age does not even qualify for shit jobs but I still need to bring food to the table right? Do you know what it means to be hungry and not have a good parent to provide? Like 0? If you don't then say no more.

I certainly do not have a badge of privileges that allow me to teach English or get some high wage somewhere cheaper in this world. Fortunately, I have discovered my passion in my travels that could finally give me freedom and a chance to a better life. I'm sorry if you still don't find that and I'm sure if you travel more you would discover it too. I stopped traveling because I have responsibilities in life that I selfishly ignored for years. I also have to let go of finding love because I cannot just worry about my own petty emotional needs at the moment. My venture aims to first have the assurance of regular food on the table for myself and for my sister. Later on, also help people not to be slaves to low wage jobs. Once everyone's stomach is full, then we can start taking care of the environment too. I really hope my venture as a means to survive and not be filthy wealthy is now made clear to people who have no fuckin' clue out there. Is it too hard to understand based on your own limited view of the world? It is too much to carry all the burden but writing about these real-life issues make me feel better every day. Some people are fighting a hard battle you have no idea. I have enough of these people in my life so please don't add anymore. Awwwww poor me, sob. Now fuck off and let me write freely. 😊

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Dear @diabolika you are such a strong soul! Just keep on going YOUR unique way and it will all be amazing :) If there is anyone trying to make you mad or bring you down than they are maybe unsatisfied with their own lifes. I wish you a bright future with everything you and your beloved ones need <3

Ever since I have shared my life goals and ambitions here, including my venture, I've been receiving these attacks that I would be soon greedy and wealthy, ha!

I don't see you becoming a greedy wealthy individual. Wealthy, yes. Greedy, no!

If people are saying this about you, they clearly have never experienced / learned even a portion of the "hands-on" life lessons that you have experienced. Simply from reading your stories and adventures, it's clear to tell the type of person you are and how your many humbling life experiences have molded you into the person that you are today. Those type of experiences will always be with you and I believe that no matter where you go in life, they will help keep you grounded and humble.

But hey, I'm just speaking from what I know (or think I know) about you from your writing! I'm fairly confident that you are a good person. And I'm fairly confident that you will continue to be a good person.

We are on the internet though, and haters will always try to bring others down because they have nothing else better to do. The only thing we have to do in response is smile and nod and ignore them ☺️

Hey @diabolika, you rock.

I love how you expressed it and can say that in my own respective life, I've had similar treatment.

I always look forward to your posts and unique perspectives about the things you are creating and experiencing along the way.

Sending you some love from Colorado on Thanks-giving!

just ignore the hitters....they always makes negative vibes on your life..always here to support you madam...have a nice day

never stop writing what you are writing...or in the way that you are writing. when people are triggered it helps, introspection helps. we are not meant to be all honky dory through out life. thank you

this is so true and i share the same believes raised to be employed in the school systems ugh i mean life is a bitch no need to get caught up in all the drama just live girl you got this!!!!

Are you on discord? Dm me at limabeing#2123

Its only their jealousy coming out wishing they were free like you. Great heartfelt work every time keep them coming!


I seem to missed some drama here


funny how things spiral, from a well intended comment...