Not Enough!

in life •  14 days ago

I feel that this is being said over and over.

Many are a proponent of this. Trust me, it's not just me who keeps saying this!

Our dapps are the best dapps.

Nothing comes close to our dapps.

Maybe that's my opinion. Maybe it's simply a fact.


Where else are you seeing this much dapp exposure and use?

What other blockchain can you point me to where dapps are this functional and receiving this much attention and use?

I don't believe there is a single blockchain out there that is even close to competing with the functionality of Steem.

Sure, we're not perfect.

But that makes the story even better.

Nobody wants to see something perfect stay perfect.

Everyone wants to see the underdog rise up and seize the day. Steem will do just that!!

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