Work life balance

in life •  5 months ago

I've been struggling for years to find that work life balance. Some say that for successful people there is no balance- you have to sacrifice life for work and work makes life possible.

If you've been working as long or as much as I have been though, you start to wonder what the point is. The hope of money later by sacrificing life today is futile. The last ten years of my life could have been so much different had I chosen a different career. The experience I gained makes it worth it right?

The best is yet to come right? I won't get my 20s back but I can try to make my 30's better. However if I just do the same things I did in my 20s then I won't be any better off when I'm 40. And I don't have that many years left anyways.


50, 60, they say is still young. Bill Paxton passed away at 56 however, and often I wonder while I'm on the road if I will die too soon. It's only a matter of time and statistics, to end as a statistic. I'm amazed I have lived this long to be honest.

Any time I could fall, or get hit by a car, or have a sudden stroke. Life is short and I want to make it a meaningful life. I have struggled to define and design a future that I want to live in, and although I am certainly closer today than I have ever been, I have to make it happen or it will die as a dream.

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