A nostalgic Children's Day note

in life •  9 months ago

Happy Children's day to that kid whose eyes are teary from facing difficult situations, but smiles inwardly with the hope that he'd lead tomorrow.

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Happy Children's day to our junior sisters who still remain captives in the land of heartless terrorists.

Happy Children's day to those innocent lives, whose shrill voices are crying out from a dungeon of reckless abandon.

Happy Children's day to the ones who would under rain or shine, march their lives out before people who really don't care if they've had the means to dine.

Happy Children's day to the unfortunate 'micro-children' who have had their development terminated by rubber barricades.

Happy Children's day to that homeless gift from heaven, whose natural habitat has been destroyed by violence, thereby rendering the child an endangered specie.

Happy Children's day to that harmless foetus, whose component parts would be scraped off the womb soon.

Happy Children's day to the kids turned beggars, who never signed up for hardship, but ended up being full time participants in it's torture.

Happy Children's day to me. Not legally, but literally, and practically too, for I was once a child, and I'm currently a child to many.



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