400 Stickers For International Anti-Corruption Day

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A Million Steps Against Corruption!

Today, December 9th 2016 is a day that is commemorated as the International Anti-Corruption Day. A form of concern for the culture of corruption that has flourished not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. Corruption verily is detrimental to this country. The criminals who promise during the campaign will be the welfare of the people, instead seize their welfare. State money that should be used for the construction and development of the people's welfare instead used to buy homes, cars, and around the world by the corruptors. How uncivilized human beings like that. Happy on the suffering and misery of the people.

Back on the action in commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day. We've made around four hundred stickers to share with them on the road, to move together against corruption. As the younger generation who understand the so reprehensible and detrimental acts of corruption. As well as prove that we will continue to guide the country and not allow elements which want to destroy this nation was calm. We moved to the welfare of Indonesian people, because we are part of them. And most importantly, we proved that we are a generation of people who declare themselves free of corruption along the lines of our lives. Whether we become a state official and only later became a commoner.

So, a message for Indonesia and of course the world today, we will never give up, because there are a million steps to against corruption!

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i think corruption is very important, especially in countries like Indonesia where the government kills drug users. Would you rather die or give the government 20.000$ to live even if it would be considered corruption?