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Free Donations Directory

I have to apologize for a mistake I made in an earlier post. I typed in as I corrected the errors recently. I'm sorry I typed the website Url incorrectly but it is correct now. is a great charities and causes website. It is a Free Donations Directory where people can click to donate to more than seventy causes.

You can click to feed people, help research, stop violence against women, cure cancer, provide medical care, give education, give free books, help the environment, reduce global warming, plant trees, save land, help rainforests, fight animal cruelty, rescue animals, help animals, donate food to dogs & cats, help prevent suicide and more.

You can help other ways. You can answer questions to donate rice, listen to donate to charity, play a game to rebuild and donate money. is a great website. You should look at it. It is affiliated with many charities and causes.

These are the posts with the errors that I corrected.
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