Little Drops Of Water

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Little drops of water
Little grains of sands
Make a mighty ocean
And a pleasant land


That was a poem I learned sometime twelve years ago in junior secondary school, and has been playing in my head over the past few days.

Honestly, I didn’t have much to make of it until yesterday, when a friend I happened to meet in camp sometime last year, sent me a heart-warming message that literally lit up my whole day.


It got me thinking of how much impression we leave on people without having the vaguest idea of us having done anything.

Then, all I thought I did, was suggest some amazing books I enjoyed reading, and share some of my favorites with her, but to her it obviously meant much more than that.

This reminds me of what another friend of mine told me. He said that making a decision is the same as not making a decision, because even if you aren’t seeing it that way, refusing to make a decision is itself an already made decision.

So basically, not doing = doing by not doing.

Life is a pendulum swing. Our interactions, behaviors and even attitudes, have an effect on people we might never come in contact with, but people who whether by our actions, or inactions are affected by us.

I’m going to be using myself as an example here, there are days that I’d wake up feeling like locking myself up, and not speaking to anyone.

You might call it waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but I call it waking up grim.

But here’s what happens, the most random things - like crazy random, a child running off to school with half his phalanges stuffed in his mouth or, watching a person watch another person, or listening to someone laugh, would be all it takes for me to break into a smile.

They obviously have no idea of what they have done to lighten my day, but I do. And I might be stuck with the image of them in my head for the rest of day.

What we fail to realize is that life is a cycle, some sort of action on our part produces a reaction on the other. With this in mind, we have the power of propagating this certain ‘energy’ positively or negatively.

Imagine if everyone walked around with the mindset of impacting one single life each day, and no it doesn’t require much, sometimes, all the world needs is one big hug.

Wow, that sounds really cheesy Debbie.

But it’s true.

You have no idea of how just one friendly smile to your neighbor can have so much effect on the outcome of his/ her day.

You have no idea how just asking a basic question such as “How are you doing?” can prevent or forestall a disaster.

Investing in the lives of others is literally the best way to live.

And, No, I’m not trying to say your life should be lived or sacrificed on the basis of others, all I am trying to say is whether you accept or not, little actions on your part have much larger impact than you’d care to realize.

Thanks for reading.

Photo credits: Pixabay (free images) + Phone (screenshot)
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It’s true what you say: we often have no idea of how actions we consider as being trivial, can have a giant impact on other people’s lives.
It is something everyone should be aware about, because it can work both ways, positive or negative (that often depends on the state of mind of the other person).

Thanks for reminding me. I often see how the small things others say or do have an impact on my life, but I tend to forget I am/can be of that same value to others... ;0)

I'm really glad it resonated with you.

...because it can work both ways, positive or negative...

I totally agree with you. We can't control other people interpretation of our deeds- we are hardly even aware of everything we do. But making a conscious effort to spread positivity would, in the long run, manifest in our character.

And thereon, it glares, even in our sub-conscious moments.