9 Tips on How to Quickly Heal your Gums after Tooth Extraction

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Been to dentist for tooth extraction today. My wisdom tooth really annoying me and I can't sleep. So I went to the dentist the next day. It's done so fast and well that I not feel the teeth been pulled. But after the numbness wears off, I just want to cry because it's really sore.

Last time when I had my teeth pulled, it took me couple of weeks before it was healed. My fault because I'm not listening to whatever they told me to do.

And now, I just want to share these tips that might help you or anyone you know for faster healing process!



To ensure quick and trouble-free healing, a few simple precautions are necessary:

  1. Try not to disturb the socket with your tongue.

  2. Do not rinse your mouth for atleast 24 hours after the extraction.

  3. No heavy exercise or lifting. Take it easy for the rest of the day.

  4. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

  5. You can eat and drink normally but avoid anything too hot or too cold, try to eat on the side away from the socket.

  6. The socket will ooze for the remainder of the day. If there is excessive bleeding, bite on the clean gauze or on a clean rolled up handkerchief to compress the socket.
    If bleeding continues try biting on a damp teabag, the tannins in the tea will help the clotting process, it should now stop.

  7. Rinse with warm, salty mouthwash the following day. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water. Take a mouthful and hold it on the socket until it cools then spit it out. Repeat until the glass is empty. Do this aftee every hour for the first day and after food for the following week. Do not use antiseptic mouthwash as it can irritate the socket.

  8. If there is any soreness when the numbness wears off,you can take painkillers. Use whatever you would normally take for headache but avoid Aspirin. You should expect to feel tender over the following days.

  9. Take care not to bite or burn yourself before the anaesthetic wears off.

I hope this would help you!



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I don't want to go to the dentist. I've been there for a check up and they checked for any new teeth coming in and there was.

My nanay and tatay are always asking me to brush and take care of my teeth so I don't have to go the dentist and have them pull my teeth. I don't like the needle or the thing that they use to pull teeth.

I hope you are doing better now. It will be a while before I get my wisdom teeth.


Thank you so much! And I'm getting better now. I don't like going to dentist coz I hate needle too even they say parang kagat lang ng langgam yan! 🥂


My nanay translated the last part. She said the fire ant bite in Texas is more painful than the needle.

I don't like needles so we just need to brush our teeth more often? But I like sweets too so maybe we just need to swish water every time we eat sugar.

kain ka lang ice cream after ng bunot.. hehehe
It will do the magic...kikipot agad ung gums


Nakakain ko lang ang ice cream pag tunaw na. Sensitive teeth, sala sa mainit at malamig. Thank you @cejero021

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