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RE: Scenes From The Snow Topiary

in #life8 months ago

Wow, that's a lot of white stuff. But I'm glad you are being a lame adult in the midst of it all. I got a good number of chortles out of this post (what else is new), and your kitty is a bit of a nut, too. I agree, "HMM??!" One never can tell about our dorky, four legged friends. Maybe it's flea abatement through freezing...
I love your table too, in no time, it will look like one giant marshmallow on a metal stand. Gotta love it. Well, keep trudgin, shovlin, feedin and keepin on. I don't miss that stuff, though it's supposed to snow here tonight. Not like a N. Idiho blow though. Yikes. Stay warm, and forever cool,
the flat pan of DD


Ooh, I like that warm and forever cool bit dd, I read it as stay hot and frequently chilled...j/k!

My offspring was quite ill with the flu this weekend, and being a fare to middling Ma, I spent all of the snow storm time, half of it with the power off, living like a pioneer out of a Little House Book. There was meals cooked on the stove, lots of shoveling, and so on. My girl recovered, the power returned (I have a big generator), and lo and behold the Kat was struck down with the plague yesterday. At least I got to spend the day in bed and I got to take a sick day from the brare' I didn't really like it though, not a little bit, not at all.

I'm on the mend today, although I am not allowed to get out of bed. Apparently I have a problem with resting, who knew? The view is nice though, with the snow up to my window and stacking. I'll have to snap a new picture of the marshmallow table now, I bet you can't even see it!

Hope all is well in the land off feather and domestique cookware-ness!


So glad the shorter version of b'Kat recovered so well...must be rather stressful...particularly with a high fever. And I'm sorry you got it. We've had schools closed here due to the munge traveling around. I'm knocking on wood and eating vitamin C and avoiding the publics as much as possible to avoid it. But hard to do when you're a book tender such as you are. Part of the job. Then again, what would you do, if there was no public to come read your books?

Hope you get well soon. And enjoy just watching the stuff pile up. Sounds a bit warm and romantic, actually. I found a flocked tree by the side of the road, so HH and I took it home and set it up in the yard. Even had lights on it still. So now we can look out the window and see a well lit snowy tree. Gotta do what you gotta do. I need to make a post on it SOME day. So much to write about, so little getting writ most days. Get well soon, and enjoy a bit of time off for awhile. l'PD

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