365 days of not gambling!

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Day 2
Ok so it’s still Wed. 8/9 but its almost 8 at night and I have not Gambled, I talked to another GA brother today also. Ok so what I want to do is paint a picture for you of where Im at right now, as a direct result of gambling. I owe over 20,000 in credit card debt, I have 4 checking accounts, (only because before I started gambling it was necessary) 2 business accounts and 2 personal accounts. My business account are as follows -697.41 and -913.18. my personal accounts are -174. And $4.75.
Now let me tell you about my last night of gambling. It was 1;30 am and I knew that my checking account was possibly getting 1,030 transferred because I have noticed money come in at that time in the past. This is money my mom has sent me to help me get out of the jam I was in. I needed more than that to get out of this jam, so my thinking was to walk away winning tonight. I withdrew 400 at 205am, I was right down the street from 2 casinos, Gulfstream, and Marti Graw. I stopped at Gulfstream and went in with $100, I am a roulette guy, that’s my poison, I bet $20 on the 12, missed, so I bet the board throughout the second time, but made sure I had some money on the 12, I hit $5 on the 12 for 180. Great, I’m up. I hit a few more times and was all the way up to $465. Now that would’ve helped some of this damage I have done. Anyway, I don’t leave, not even for a second, now I’m down to zero. I go back to my truck and drive over to the Marty Graw with the other 300. I didn’t hit one good time there. I pulled $80 more out of the ATM. Now I only have my truck payment in my account 500. The crazy part is, I need another $150 to pay for my storage fee that I park my trailer for work at. When the payment is late, they lock the gate, if the gate is locked, then I obviously can’t work. So, I had this job to do and I parked my trailer at the house-knowing that the gate may be locked. The job was originally quoted at $100, so I figured I could probably get 125 from him, he agrees, and then pays me $140 at the end of the job, and asks me if that will do, yes, I can get my storage payed. When I get to the storage property the gate is locked sure enough. I go inside and ask the manager if I can pay the late fee next month, he gives me a number to call and says they can waive the fee. Now I’m already starting to see a higher power working in this recovery, bc she waives the fee no problem. Remember I have been sober for 9 years, I recognize this type of help, it’s not a coincidence that my focus has turned towards recovery and these little things are happening.
So, I must go uber now and try to get together at least $25 to put a stop payment on a loan payment of $717 that withdraws automatically from my account tomorrow, I also have a job tomorrow but it’s pointless if my account is negative $717. He pays me with a credit card bc he doesn’t live here. The credit card payment is useless if I can’t put it in an account to get gas to continue to work.

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