Creativity, effort, perseverance and money will come alone.

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Hello friends of Steemit and Dtube, one of the main reasons why we are interested in entering this community is when they talk to us that we can earn a certain amount of money, depending on the content we upload, or in the area in which the person It is good, and through what it shares to the community it will generate money.

But is that really the process? Is money really generated that easy? I think that everything is a matter of time and of complying with 3 keywords, CREATIVITY, CONSTANCE and EFFORT.

I live in Venezuela, in March I am 1 year old in this great community, and I do not deny it, they told me about STEEMIT and when I heard MONEY, I said wow easy money, without carrying a protocol they did not explain to me just look for how to enter and that I did.

This is like everywhere we are lost the first time we enter, if we do not have someone to guide us, but it is up to everyone to look for information and study the panorama a bit, the first time I enter and start uploading post, and I Find out about the DTube platform, where you upload your videos, and this is where I apply my first keyword CREATIVITY, Since I love skateboarding, the first thing that comes to mind is to create skate content for the public, and go making friends, and that is what I did, I was uploading videos without editing I was learning more and more, but already by For a moment I did not think about money, I only thought about learning, day by day to create content and that people like it, and that is a positive point not for me, but for users who manage to see this community on the good side.

Where we create content to attract the attention of other people and at the same time learning from other people, since in this community the themes are endless and we always learn something, I consider myself a user of great heart that although I have a year I have given all the love I could, learning, studying, watching videos to learn to make better editions and share the best possible content, leaving aside the issue of money and enjoying what I do and share them with you.




Another word that I put into practice is the EFFORT, of always being creating content since I arrived here, I have uploaded many videos of both skate, drawings, plants, music, and I have not stopped uploading, I always try or do my best for uploading a video for you every day, and that already becomes a CONSTANT user, who is always creating the best content he can, and you will wonder why I write this? simply to lift the spirits of users who may lose hope and want to leave, we always have a positive mind of winners.




Let's not waste time, thinking, how much will I win for this video? If I publish this post when will I win? just think of always creating good content for people and the money will come alone, we need more users to come, not to leave the community, I hope you liked this post of positive things and motivational words, test those three keywords in your life as steemian or dtuber and good things will come thank you for reading me friends.


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