Too Many People Or Not Enough People? 5.9.2022

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Well if you read the words on the Georgia Guidestones there is too many people according to the deep state and they want depopulation. According to the writing on the stones, they only want 500 million people on earth. So it sounds like they want a dramatic decrease in population.

Is that why they used the COVID 19 shot to depopulate? Well there were a lot of people that died after they took that shot. Now some may have gotten the saline shot, but some got the deadly shot.

You see you just have to look at who are connected to these shots. Fauci and Bill Gates comes to mind. Remember Fauci in the 80's where he gave bad information on treatment for AIDS. Then what happened? Well, a lot of people died.

Now Fauci wants everyone to get the shot. The same shot that is giving very good athletes heart attacks. Pilots that fly commercial aircrafts are getting heart attacks and some are dying.

It is what the deep state wants. Notice how they make a way for the pharmaceuticals to not get sued when there is vaccine injury, but then this COVID 19 shot is not approved, it is experimental.

I wonder if that is a way for people to get a chance to sue the pharmaceuticals. Somebody has got to have a chance to sue them for all their sorcery.

Then you have Bill Gates. Notice that the vaccines he took to India and parts of Africa cause people to die or get sterile or get some kind of vaccine injury.

Bill Gates dad was into eugenics. Bill Gate mentions that if they are really good with vaccines they could lower the population. Well that either means that some will die and most will get sterile. They don't want people to reproduce and if some die and most get sterile then we could lose generations of people in the future.

I remember as a kid of hearing of over population and I am 63 years old as I write. Yet if you look at all the land mass of the earth, you will see that there is a lot of land to populate.

So you have to ask, why do they, the deep state want depopulation?

Well, they want to break every commandment of God .

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein. Genesis 9:7.

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