Another Deal At Curry's, Four Salads For A Dollar

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Yes, I seen the deal of four salad bowls for a dollar. So I went ahead and bought four. Well, how did they get that cheap?Well, the expiration is close, but not yet.

I looked at them and they seem OK to me. You know in other stores these salad's are around $2.99 to $3.69. So four of them at the lower price is $11.96. Yet, I get them for a dollar and that is only $0.25 each.

Well, that is why I like this store. It is a discount store. They don't always have this deal with salads. Most times it is one salad for one dollar which is still a good deal.

Then there are times when a big shipment comes in, but the date is pretty close, so they need to try to get rid of them as soon as they can. This is when they do the four for a dollar deal. Well, when that deal comes I try to get at least four.


Another good deal I got from that store was a 2.5 pound of New Orleans Roast Mardi Gras Coffee for $2.99. That would be about $1.20 a pound for coffee. Well, even on the internet the best I can find for coffee is five dollars a pound when I buy 5 pounds for a total of 25 dollars total.

With this deal I can buy 2 of these 2.5 pounds for a total of five pounds of coffee for less than 6 dollars. Well, that beats the internet deals any day.

I like to drink coffee even more when I find that coffee has a lot of antioxidants. I just thought people liked to drink coffee for the caffeine, but with all those antioxidants then it has health benefits.

I know a lot of you out there in Steemitland like your coffee as I see your coffee stories and pictures. So yes coffee has its value, but I really don't want to go to a coffee place were a cup of coffee costs 2 to 5 dollars.

I think I will just make and drink my coffee at home. Yes, I save money that way. When I do make my coffee at home I will also put some shakes of pink Himalayan salt into the coffee so that I will have the antioxidants plus the extra minerals. I like the extra minerals that pink Himalayan salt has.

Of course 2.5 pounds of coffee for only $2.99 is a great deal and I will have to buy some more before they run out of the product.

So I will always go back to that store called, Curry's and see what deals they have for the day.

Let's end with a scripture, Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee. John 5:14.

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