Tea Is an Evil Substance!

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Tea Is an Evil Substance!


Tea is much more dangerous than beer.
Please avoid drinking tea!

I discovered this last night.
I had drunk 14 beers up until 3:00am at the pub, while my wife was just drinking tea at home.
You should have seen how angry and violent she had become when I finally got home. I was in a peaceful and loving mood, and silently headed to bed, but she started to shout and swear at me and was frankly, intimidating and nasty! This unfortunately carried on well into the next day and throughout the evening as well. What kind of affect was that tea having on her? I just couldn’t work it out.

So, ladies, I beg you, if you can’t handle your tea, just don’t drink it!!!


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cute, but i think you missed an unspoken judgment along the lines of, why werent you kissing her so she didnt need to drink tea? :P think like a woman mate.

hahahahahahahahaah she was shouting bcoz of your over drinking she actually cares you🤣🤣🤣 lol em a tea-addicted person when i read the title of your post suddenly my mind clicked oh shit xawi how would you survive without tea but thank God it was a joke hahahaah sorry for me it was a joke 🤣🤣🤣

any coffee fans here? xD

Too good, Darren 😂

Haha Brilliant man! I will add your top Choon track to my weekly artist support Choon playlist out later today! :D

Hey mate! That's really supportive of you and I really appreciate your love for my music!
Choon is amazing!

Koolness! Thanks Darren! Very much appreciated! Have a great day! :D