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The forthcoming book and course about creativity and personal growth - CREATE NATURALLY - has numerous sections. In the last several posts I have written about one section that promotes using the systems of motion picture making to improve both personal life and creativity. Draft book excerpts re writing and art or story boarding were previous posts and now a few words about acting. We can use acting techniques to improve our lives in many different ways. We can act and improvise our way into being better humans. Actors are revered in many ways for their courage, performances and ability to elicit profound emotions from an audience. Also deep insights about life are often experienced from watching both live theater and different types of motion pictures.
Consider this:
Acting like a fully evolved and fulfilled human will help create thought and behavior patterns to evolve. We can act from the deepest truths found within us. Reminding ourselves to act from our more awakened states of being and values is a discipline, but a worthwhile discipline. Realizing we are all actors in our own life movies may help us to work to perform at our best.

Within the professional acting community there are many techniques to explore that will improve us. How do actors perform with such a wide range of skills, talents and emotions? They study and rehearse. Many techniques have been devised to help them learn and express their craft. We are on the outside looking at their performances, but we can use some of their techniques to creatively influence our lives.

Acting exercises include vocal and physical movement, awareness of emotions and how they can be expressed and improvisation. Rehearsing is a warm-up to performance and can be done in many aspects of real life - especially public speaking or speaking in career meetings. We can use acting techniques and exercises for real life successes.

There are many benefits to becoming aware of what actors do to prepare for performance. In the next few posts I'll write about some of the techniques that when adopted can make our own lives better.
Stay Creative!
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Great post!

Thanks! I keep trying to improve "my act" and writing too.

Acting is a creative field and love doing it. I will be waiting for your more post in which you will write about techniques used by actors.

Thanks - more on the way. I am more of a behind the camera guy and truly appreciate the work that actors do.

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