Cool As A Cat

in life •  5 months ago


This cute little cat was a very social creature. She came up to me several times during the weekend so I could pet her, if my dog would allow it I wouldn't mind getting a cat as well.

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i love this cat.. so sweet ..

i had a cat,it was with me 10 years.

this pic is like my profile to see this..

Great 'catch' @dandesign86...In the words of Paul Simon, it seemed to have 'smiled for the camera'...It looks very well cared for which makes me think it may have a chip for if it ever gets lost and someone reports it missing...

Cats are very intuitive creatures. There may be a new baby in the house and it just needs to go outside for a little more of the tlc that it's used to.

Ferals typically won't let you get that close to them. But, if it starts looking tattered, perhaps you've been blessed with a new cat if it lets you bring it indoors after a trip to the groomer and vet.

If it's a true feral, it has a roaming spirit; and will probably beat you out the door every time it means it's prolly better to enjoy it as an outdoor pet, preparing a warm place for it in the most brutal of winter days.

Word of are very territorial and have zero problems bringing their 'family' to roost in your backyard should you begin caring for it. So...I wouldn't feed it unless I took precautions for preventing it from making litters...

Best regards.



Awesome comment buddy :) with the wild cats it's good to take precautions and not get too attached or they might become dependent on you and like you say have a litter of cats by the house

he looks so cool.