10 things to win your woman's heart forever🦋

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Hey everyone!How have you been?

Today I want to talk about relationships 😁

There are so many women in the world who get offended pretty easily ( including me) because their boyfriends or husbands don't really treat them the way they would want to be treated or say the words they would want to hear.What we as women should know and remember is that men are from Venus and women are from Mars, god bless a person who came up with this saying that totally explains men and justifies them sometimes)))


Now it's pretty interesting how things you were constantly thanking your loved one for before became common and you don't do it anymore taking everything for granted, but when a stranger does a little thing for you, you go running thanking and smiling, thinking probably how nice he/she is. People are like that, we get used to bad and good very quickly and after some time we tend not to appreaciate every little detail as we did in the beginning of the relationship.All the excitement fades away leaving you with a couple of socks on the floor and an angry wife that nags all the time.Now, no one said the commitment is easy!Some people would shout out that if you love a person so so much, then you will never ever be bothered by socks, lack of attention or a constant mobile using. Eventually,even a saint person will get pissed and there will be a fight that will lead to an even bigger fight and in the end the Armageddon in the relationships. There are lots of women who haven't tied their knots yet, thinking that the hard thing is to get married.The hard thing is not to get married,the hard thing is to STAY married and love your spouse the same very way when it all started. It's a hard work but it's worth it, Love is a strong feeling, it's the reason this world still goes on, it can make you do things you thought you couldn't do.


So I decided to write what I think a man should do, so that his lover would be happy and make him happy back, it's a win/win situation😁

First of all, as I believe, the most important thing in marriage and relationships is that you Respect each other,if there is no respect then there can't be any love in the first place.


Now let me share 10 things a man should do to win woman's heart forever 😍

  • Tell her how beautiful she is every single day (just don't tell her she looks pretty when she looks terrible, otherwise she will try to look like that all the time and you won't like that for sure hahaha)

  • Offer to help with the chores ( if you already do some of them it doesn't mean you can't offer to help with her half of it.If you don't do anything at home at all, appreciate what she does and always offer to help, it will show how thoughtful you are.Remember little things to women are big things)

  • Brag and show how proud you are of your wife/gf to your friends, relatives, strangers, dogs or cats doesn't matter hahahha She hears it- she blushes- she remembers it for a long time - you crush on the sofa after it, watch your silly YouTube videos she doesn't nag: everyone is happy lol But frankly saying, it's very encouraging and it's healthy to want to talk about a person you love to everyone you have a chance to talk to, it's important she is there when you do that😂😂😂She should know that she is the most important person in the world to you and she wants others to know it too))

  • Always be on her side, you chose her as the person you want to live with your whole life, you should support her no matter what.

  • Surprise her ( I'm not talking about airplanes writing her name or I love you in the skies, that would do as well but small things can also be good like buying tickets to the cinema for the movie she wanted to watch for a long time even though you hate the main actor and the movie.

  • Flowers flowers flowers, I don't get what's up with it but maaaan it works!The only way it doesn't is when you really screwed up and trying to buy her off with flowers,I mean if you really wanna buy a woman off - buy her off with diamonds 💎 💎 💎 or cars hahaha other things are like a slap in the face really🤷‍♀️Or even easier- don't screw up😁


  • Cook for her sometimes ( let her lay on the sofa and do everything yourself, set up the table, lit the candles up, pour wine - now I know you got tired from cooking - imagine she does that every single day, it will make her happy and more importantly remind you once in a while that little fairies don't fly over to your house and do all these things, she does and it takes time and imagination 😉


  • Always try to remember what it took for you two to be together, was it easy?was it hard? Think about how lucky you two are to find and have each other now and all little stupid things won't matter anymore.


  • Try not to look or stare at other women ( even if your wife looks or behaves like a Terminator you should know that deep inside she is very fragile and sensitive.Looking at other women might hurt her big time,at least don't do it when she can see you)

  • Make her small presents every week ( it can be really small like a keychain or a hair band doesn't really matter, what matters is that you do it every week, it's romantic it's cute it will make her look forward to it constantly and therefore very happy - Happy wife - Happy life 😉 remember?



I have not read such a beautiful post for a long time, thank you.

Thank you so much for kind words,I'm very happy you liked it😊

fascinating post, Have a beautiful day too.

pretty woman

thank you😌

pretty interesting tips for wining womens heart 👍✌

Hahha thanks!😁

A wonderful starting point is just to VALUE your partner. Like you said.. Remember how lucky you are to have her/him and what it took to get where you are.
Communication is key which is where many mere-males fall short. We tend not to vocalize our feelings as much and need to demonstrate our affection with gifts or gestures.

great post @damira

Communication is basic,of course you should talk about stuff that bothers you both.Being attentive,respectful and romantic is also very very important.No gift will help you if you behave like a bad monkey to your loved one

Cheers for educating me - an 18 year old who really needs this kind of advice!

The family that prays together stays together!

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Buy her a lot of chocolate and ice-cream and don't forget to give her pleasure at bedtime ;-)

Now you see,out of three things you got only one right!

when i mix them i get a perfect result. better than each one alone :-)

great collection of photos

In my opinion, a relationship is about communication and connection; being good at communication is all about listening, each other, honest and with no fear of being judge or rejected, if he/she doesn't like that thought you can chose between keep working on the relationship or move to another, and it's where connection begin, because you can't have a relationship where anyone in the relationships aproves the desires and needs of the other, and "work hard" for a relationship like that is as auto-destructive as nonsense. So, lisent to her/him, seriously, ask for her/him, learn about her/him, know her/his real and honest desires and needes and for the last, make her/his life, yours, because you know you two have that connection that only you two can understand.

Nice posts ! I hope several men read this ! :)

Hahahah yeah hopefully they will put it into practice as well

Loved this post, @damira! What about couples who are currently in a long distance relationship? Any tips for us? :D


I have been in a long distance relationship for a year!What helped us is that there was not a single day that we forgot to text or call each other,we were in each other lives all the time, plus visiting if you can also helps,at least once-twice a year😌If you know it's your person and you love him|her truly it shouldn't matter how far and for how long you are from one another

I buy my girlfriend flowers so much that now she expects it. The expectation kind of takes the "specialness" away from it in my opinion. Though she still says she appreciates it. Great post!

What can I say?we get spoiled preeety quick😬You can get her a fruit next time maybe😁

Interesting post. You had some good points on there. While others were not too realistic for a "healthy" relationship. Enjoyable read. ;-)

Thank you so much😌

You're welcome...keep them coming!

I'll test my luck ;)


Did u know that there isnt way to win woman heart just if u steal it from her body

😂😂😂I know that,that's why I wrote 10 other things to do that indirectly

Stealing is wrong.

Stealing sure is wrong,winning is good 😊

Damira, great post. I think this will help me for the rest of my life. Haha, thanks for the advice. Hope to follow you on your adventures!

You are welcome!hahaha Thank you for reading my post 😊

true indeed. my little problem is the flower aspect; i just feel its akward presenting flower to a girl...that's just my perception

You don't have to give the whole bouquet,maybe just three five roses without wrapping it or one lily,it will do the trick😌

Great advice. Especially about the chores! Men should know that we LOVE IT when they help around the house.

They have to!Let's spread the word hahah

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That's awesome, thank you for sharing with us and advice

even as an engineer in mechanical engineering and all the mathematical equations that i have been solve i still cant understand womens ☺

hahhaha I sometimes don't understand them either

women are princesses, if you want to win her heart be the modern gentleman.

interesting !