Review of Silicon Valley

in life •  4 months ago

Dear Steemians,

Lately, I have been watching the HBO series, Silicon Valley, and it really allows me to think about being an entrepreneur and working with startups.

Before I get criticized for all the different issues, I do want to point out that I usually tend to watch TV or movies for the sake of entertainment, and just that. Silicon Valley has gone to the 5th season with a lot of faults at hand. For instance, the team always finds ways to find a solution to their issues, no matter how dire their situation is. In reality, 95% of startups go under within 3 years. There seems to be a ton of flexibility with moral guidelines, the CEO doesn't exhibit traits of a traditional CEO, and Silicon Valley is portrayed to be this neverending, cutthroat, backstabbing hub for startups. Maybe it was for the sake of entertainment, but I do want to clarify that with my experience with startups and startup hubs, while competition is pretty fierce, I don't think it goes to the extent of how it is portrayed in the TV series.

Anyways, with all of that disclaimer put out beforehand, I am enjoying the entertainment value of the series, particularly on how it allows me to reflect on my company. What I am enjoying the most is how Richard Hendricks future will evolve: starting out as a naive entrepreneur with noble and ambitious goals and slowly evolving throughout the series into a more Gavin Belson-esque figure. The money will always be a factor in the evolution of a human being, but will Jared always be successful in steering Richard back onto a moral path, especially in light of the fact that Richard tends to go towards the easiest solution, which tends to have moral hazards involved? It will be pretty entertaining to watch as the show progresses, but wonder what other people think of the show.

Let me know, and have a great day!

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