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It's More Of A Celebration Than Contemplation

One of the most awaited event or occasion in my country was the "All Saints Day", the day of the dead where some local TV station makes a program about scary stories about ghosts, evil spirits, and fake news about ghost sightings. It is funny because they are good at it, fabricating apparitions and paranormal activities which are really faked that makes it believable and funny if you already had seen the truth behind their cunning works, just to raise ratings and viewership of their programs.

Anyway, the occasion is a spectacle because it is a bit of long holiday where some people would go home from the city and vise-versa to visit the niche or tombs of their departed lovedones. There they would stay all day until the night and because families and relatives of families along with friends converge it would become a kind of reunion.


Being Able To See A Relative Is One Of The Good Thing About The Occasion

It is nice that way because families and relatives that doesn't see each other in person could check on each other's situation and maybe some would their clan members after learning their situation. But of course not all families does that but at least almost all would have the opportunity to see their relatives especially if the departed lovedone was the grand parent or great grandparent of the live family members.

When I was younger I would go with my cousin so that we can clean the niche of my departed uncle, painting the tomb with whitewash and repainting the name on the engraved tombstone with gold. Then we can go home after that returning on the November 1st and just basically staying there and chatting around, maybe eating a little bit, looking at people who passes-by on the narrow passageway between the tombs/niches in the public cemetery where the niches are stacked one on top of the other and every family (not all) are there with their departed loved one's tombs and staying until late afternoon or late at night.


Families In My Country Are Tightly-Knit, Remembering Departed Loved Ones Long After They Are Gone Every Year With This Peculiar Occasion

Some kids would collect scrap candles so they would often steal a still good candle so they could get more cash out of it. So relatives are on the watch and keeping vigil so that their candles won't get stolen by some naughty kids. It is quite fun for younger people when the celebration/occasion begins because they do all sorts of things like for example some lovers would have the opportunity to meet their sweethearts in the cemetery while some others would meet with their friends and visit them to their own place in the cemetery.

Food vendors would see the opportunity to make some money too so the road along the cemetery is packed with them so that some people could buy food and enjoy it with their families weirdly enough around the tombs. But as for myself after realizing that we do not have to bother about the dead already I just stopped going to the cemetery a long time ago
and just let God to take care the spirit of my departed loved one.



"Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it." -Ecclesiastes 12:7

Foe me we just have to express our love to our lovedones or the people that we care about while they are alive and can still appreciate our kind thoughts and good works because even a sleeping person could not be aware of what deed you had done to them whether it maybe a good or a bad one.

So if the person had died already, the thing inside the tombs are not your relative anymore, the spirit already had returned to God so there is no more prayers that can benefit them and in that case you just have to pray for the living and not the dead.


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