Some of my church brethren visited me a few days ago but relatives visiting me is a resounding never if not nope

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I can say that I am still loved and visited by some people but most just didn't give a damn.

I quite like other people visiting me now but not in all cases because sometimes it is just a matter out of their own curiosity that they want to see me like I am a creature of curiosities if some Circus show and it is a reason I will really hide. However some people are too fast to enter my room that they just barge in and tells me to never mind that I am only wearing my underpants and just cover my torso with my blanket and my face with my mask and I am good to go. It happened when some of my Barrio's officials and officers visited me in order to give me some "relief goods" although I know that it is just a reason for them to campaign, but regardless I just did what I need to do because they are already in my room and I believe that they really do not mind my appearance given that we are members of the same village or Barangay. The politics here in my country is quite unique and I hate it particularly in the Town and also in the Barangay level. The reason is that the Town mayor knows if a constituent is with him/her or not because you knw, these men and women of power quite knows everything like where you live, where you work, how many are you in the family, are your family members able to vote, and most especially if you voted for that mayor/mayoress or not because it will have a "side-effect" impact on you because it is true that now, politicking against a "rival" or unaffiliated (voted against the ruling mayor or Brgy. Chairman/Chairwoman) constituent happens here in my Barrio and Town. If a person didn't vote to the ruling politician, then in times of need, the will not favor you although they will also give you a support but it is very small compared to the regular amount that the are giving to their constituents which voted for them. So in turn the voters which didn't voted for the ruling politician will have to either vote for that same politician in order to get privileges or vote for the rival politician of that ruling politician in order to receive a better benefit compared to just getting at least pocket change or worse, nothing at all saying that the documents got lost and all that bullshit where the main reason is that they just don't want to help you when it is time for you to get some support. This kind of politicking is just sad because it affects people who truly need a support and we are a victim of it and just frustrates my mother a lot whenever she would try to get some financial assistance to "that" politician which is why I was telling my mother not to bother anymore about applying for an assistance because it will just give her a broken heart and a very bad feeling. It is good that I am not anymore totally dependent on the assistance coming from these particular local politicians because at least I am already able to help myself in that regard thanks be to God.



When politicians does pays me a visit, it was I that does not give a fuck about it, but if I like then I will give them a vote and if I don't I'll take their campaign bribe money and gifts and give them just a "hope".

About my relatives visiting me, it is very rare because I remember at one time when I was admitted in the hospital about two months after I had my first dialysis session because both my creatinine level and my blood pressure went so high that I lost consciousness on our way to the hospital for my dialysis session that day. Although I would not call it that because I was convulsing almost nonstop and I was only getting shots of tranquilizer to calm me down although I have no clue what is already happening during that whole week that I got confined. So because of a high blood pressure I seized and at the same time "went loco" because of a high creatinine level in my blood brought about by getting only one dialysis session per week. At that point my Aunt living far away from the north went to visit me to see my condition because she actually visited us a week prior to that incident for some reason I can't remember along with my Uncle which both are younger siblings of my father. I only learned that after I gained my consciousness coming from sleep induced by multiple shots of I.V. diazepam (when I was like being possessed by some spirit) which I later saw the left-over ones brought home by my mother inside our main cabinet. Anyway as far as my relatives go, I never really had them to visit me in person nor they offered a financial assistance even though many of my cousins in my father's side of the family earns big but they never spared me a peso nor pay a visit and of course I have a resentment about it although they are not obliged to do so. But in my mother's side of the family, they can only do much but they did visited me after coming back from my surgery over my what they call "Pseudo-aneurism" in which the junction point of the arteriovenous fistula in my left arm grew enough to cause me not to endure the pain anymore coming from it which I already believe that it will just rupture soon. After we finally got home, my mother have already told about it to her sister and other relatives in their province back south of this main island where I live. Only a few of my cousins (along with the family of one of my cousin) which are sisters and their mother my Aunt the sister of my mother came but I am already happy that they came. The reason of their visit is that the have to visit me while I am still alive than visit me when I already dead and already not knowing what is happening around me anymore. Overall, I am not really reliant anymore about like for example visiting me nor give me assistance for that matter because relatives have priorities in life and there are factors that relatives makes decisions which sometimes can affect at least the feeling of their loved ones where a resentment is formed especially if those relatives which should be more supportive to you because at least you ate together at some point, had talked to each other, became your neighbor even and then will not pay you a visit considering that you are in a very bad physical state? Well, that is some relative, I can just make a sigh of disappointment over it, but it happens while at the same time thanking my relatives which at least showed their token of support at least with a visit and a little cash money coming with it.



Some relatives will treat you as a competition but some will make you as part of their union.

Some brethren in my local church community also pays me a visit regularly, more often they would comprise of officers from the local church to know what is my condition already to know what I needed as well as to just talk about what had gone about my life especially with regards to my faith. They want to also know if I am keeping-up with my attendance which in my case I have to attend online and is given a private YouTube link everytime we have events such as prayer meeting, worship service, and the Thanksgiving event which are a regular congregational events in the church aside from other activities held to help people, indoctrinate them for those wanting to join the church, and activities to spread and promote love to other people via charity works and those events that stokes the fire of faith among the whole brethren because faith does weaken and vanish if you are not careful to check yourself if you are still in the right path of what you should do which is aligned according to the teachings and doctrines of Christ or if you already veered away from it because of the influence of people around you to overpower your true faith with theirs. This happens and every member of the true church must in-fact work together with one another so that we will not shy away to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ because every soul which joined the church actually is called by God which is why members are so precious because they are bought by the blood of Christ and we as members of our church must make it sure to practice love not only to members of the church of God (MCGI) but also do and show it to other people to glorify God's works unto the eyes of the souls weary of their own "yokes" to turn to God where his yoke is light and will save them in the end.



When some brethren pays you a visit, it is just one of their acts of love that they are practicing to ensure that you matter to them, to the church, and to God because you are called by God to be in the church to be able to walk in the right path leading to your salvation which is our goal as a Christian so we needed t always hold tight to our faith because the enemy is all around always waiting to devour the weakest where our duty is also protect the weak until we come to the end of our journeys which is being worthy to God, to God be the glory, Amen.



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