Our Vehicle Is Broken Again It Is My Lifeline

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Here's The History Of Our Car

Our car (my brother's) was bought after my father had closed our bakery. The bakery actually didn't prosper because for one thing there are many bakeries already in operation around plus we are not situated near a populous place, another factor was my father's less determination to make it work so the sales dwindled until we closed it.

Then we had thought to operate a taxi service because we do not have any sources of income while my mother's small store is not really earning enough. So one of my brothers loaned some money to buy a car but we talked to my Aunt prior about that plan because my bother's money is not enough (my father's sister) and they pooled the money together to buy in the end a taxi with a line already.

Again it didn't worked out after a few months because based on my father there was a strife about his fellow taxi members not getting enough passengers so to cut the story short the taxi service got discontinued. My father just suddenly sold the line and bough a freaki'n air compressor with matching spray gun.

The taxi service went history and the burden of paying my Aunt about the money she had shared went to my brother.
AT that point we just used the old taxi as our service especially for my use as a service when I go for my dialysis.

If it wasn't for that old car my life would have been harder so I guess that God willed it for me to buy that old rickety car because just after four years of being a dialysis patient I cannot walk anymore to the dialysis center because at that time I am in a different dialysis center where I have to walk a long-long road before I can get to the center.

So by then I went to ask my parents to drive me already because I could not walk anymore to and from the dialysis center. The taxi or car by the way was bought about 19-20 years ago, a 1995 model Toyota in which the engine got replaced a few times already, has a bad suspension system ( like an Ox cart), half eaten by rust, and really a subject of joke by the people who sees it.

Now apparently the fuel spray had to be replaced plus maybe other things that has to be fixed so we can use it again. I guess that we will continue to use it until the chassis breaks down or cracks but for as long as my father can make it run we will still be using it since buying another replacement car is really not my priority at the moment.


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